Zero Client Wireless Displays

firstly, I just want to be clear that I’m not trying to promote other products, just want to highlight them as they are very relevant.

First there’s the Luna Dongle for Macs (link)
The Steam Link is another product that shares similar characteristics (ign review)
And the Lenovo wireless thinkvision lt1423p mobile-monitor:

The Lenovo would likely have been a huge hit if it had:
better response times
better range
and better battery life.
Better pen sensitivity

that said it was released in 2013. Tech moves fast and now we are likely able to significantly improve upon it.
With the community’s involvement we can smooth out any rough edges.
I would really like to see Eve’s take on this type of product.

I foresee this technology becoming a new norm. Every tech company will design and make their own version like the many tablets and laptops we can choose from.

Also curious what the range of products Eve-tech seeks to explore or if it’s limiting itself to mostly laptops? There are so many cool products to explore that I think still fall within your category of product line, like this one.

It’s great for multitasking as it allows for a second screen display that you can use to essentially double your screen real-estate.

It can be a really big competitor to the AIO digital drawing displays.
Because you could make a version that you can use anywhere in your house. while your PC is doing the heavy lifting remotely. For people who already have a Big PC and work mostly from home but like to move around/ say work on the floor etc. they would not need to spend upwards of 1grand to buy a Wacom Cintiq.

Imagine how useful this would be for schools.


So, from reading this, I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to describe, but I do think I have a similar idea…

What about something much like V (perhaps a different hinge/stand system), similar or the same display panel, possibly touch, and with just tons of battery. Maybe a USB-C port for charging, but can also be used to connect to the V (or other computers) through a wired connection, or use something like Miracast for wireless display?

Am I on the right path here? Because I really like the idea.


I would also really like that idea to have a Tablet with basically the screen and digitizer of the V to have pen Input on a Laptop or PC.
I think we could reuse the Formfactor and the glorious sharp screen on that, maybe even the hinge and housing system.
Connection wise wlan or USB C would be great to have.

I think a different hinge (or perhaps a small stand + original hinge) would be better, to offer more viewing angles. Not needing to attach a keyboard opens up a lot of room in this area.

Would there be much benefit in using Thunderbolt for this? I’d think USB-C would be sufficient.

If you just need a Display and Touch Input and maybe another USB Port for an USB Stick, USB C would be sufficient.

The hinge System is just a Question of costs. If you want to have it affordable, eve can use existing Systems to get us a cheaper product. But it is just a Question of compromises.