Your most fond, painful and cool memories from's journey?

Hey guys! Now that the webstore laucnh has worked out well, and soon I head to China for production, I thought about the cool stuff thats happened here!

What do you remember? What has pleased you? Shocked you? My cat’s :scream_cat:, sweatshirts :sweat_smile:? want to know! So much has happened.

Examples that came to me:

Pyramid Flipper, Flip the Pyramid, pauliunas, Monks, Screen supplier, waiting for screen supplier, “Screen supplier, hello?!”, IndieGoGo, HEB, Hyper Early Bird, Limited Bird, Hustle-free, Propeller, Sharp to the rescue!, KK’s cats, Sriracha and Alcantara, meet-ups, Underdog,, V, murder the middle men, Mozo, HDMI port, Backerkit, wolfpack, Intel and 6 figures, Windows 10, haters gonna hate, Surface-killer, corporate bull$#! at the bottom, Emdoor, crowd-developed sleeves, Donald Dock, reddit IAmA, delay :(, prototype testing, Challenge 1 - The Critic, [STEP 1] Help us decide on Pyramid Flipper form factor!, DVT3, stylus, early-adapters, PayPal, KK breaking things, Microsoft keynote. Computex, Meetup NY, Meetup ULM, 2020202020202020

This is so long bc min20chars :smiley:


The 12-hour 6 concept reviewing window. March 2016. Great times.


The 8-9 hours filming session we both went through that was only possible because my flight back was canceled in February :smiley:


How quick the world map was filled with V’s everywhere… And the moment in November 2016 I realized that Pauliunas is not part of the team after I got replies from him to every question I asked…


The moment when @UNDERDOG contacted us. Pitch, the video… Everything.

First it all culminated into the great NYC Meetup with @stlblufan @Alexandr_Smirnov and others,

and then the everything came. Here you can see them.


Propeller, Cats vs Dogs poll, Vertical orientation Videos, Hong Kong Meetup, Techvision, Eve Zeus, Eve Chimera, Atlas, Genesis, One, Skylake, Kabylake


Dave2D, bye bye Microsoft, confusing but cool forum, long wait, crazy eve YouTube vids, computex vids, HK livestream, screens shot, nearly here!!


It was great to see how the community expanded in all the right ways, along with ambition that came with it. I think one of the best moments was when community decided to have V 1mm thicker to get bigger battery, and EVE actually went with it - I liked the responsivness there. Good job, guys.

Personally, buying V was a stressful moment. Getting a prototype for few days was pretty amazing. All the delays were bit depressing, along with periods of no news and lack of communication. I liked very much when reasonable people surfaced in threads again and again. I disliked when people went into fanboy mode.

All in all, it was a wild ride. I can’t wait for my own V… and the next hardware that EVE will help bring to world : )


I remember before buying, I received a sincere legit reply from @anon70891453 which made me go, “yeah, I want to join these folks and actually give them my money.”


The Coffee Lake discussion that was all about out favorite coffee and coffee making devices!


Huawei article, windows central, t1, startup, community, insiders, community leaders, indiegogo, cards, second family, discussion, suspension, sleeves, CPU, kabinakagami, hackernews, reddit q&a, VE Monks, [step], [feature]



The Eve Shockwaves threads during Computex, awesome to see the world react so positively to the V (and that was with the old screens).

Eve continuing to give updates, even when it was bad news

I may be slightly biased but I’ve loved the weekly #poll (s) too


Spending the day before the IGG price announcement pouring over my budget deciding on my go/no-go price, then waiting for that email with the prices. Being so happy I could get what I really wanted, then setting my alarm so I was up at 4:30am to snag a HEB spot. Then having my credit card declined (was flagged as an atypically large amount for me) and screaming profanities at my computer. Had to set up a Paypal account.

GOT ME A HEB spot! :slight_smile:

  • getting HEB spot, community, EVE looking for real quality product
  • losing HEB spot due to1 TB upgrade, broken promises, delays
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I’m quite new to this community so I don’t have any memories of the ‘early days’ unfortunately. But one thing that has amazed me is the genuine hospitality, helpfulness and kind heartedness of every single member of the community I have encountered. I think that is more endearing than anything else and feel like we truly are a tech loving community, family even.

Oh and not to forget the first sphincter tightening critique/comment from the likes of @pauliunas and @vithren and others :smiley: . I want to say thank you to you guys for keeping us(me) on the straight a narrow. Sometimes its easy to get lost in fantasy so its refreshing to have some honest to say…‘yeah…no its not going to work because you forgot about x’. Keep up the good work.

And not forgetting the @Team and the amazing work you guys have done. I think you guys have pulled off something very special and should be very proud of what you have a achieved and I look forward to what we will achieve in the future and making more memories! :slight_smile: .


The funniest thing was back then when I was the first to switch spots (before there were official lists), and I was very suspicious to send 1500 € to a random guy who I didn’t know, instead of doing the switch through Eve. I wanted to test that I was indeed talking to Konsta and sent him a message via mail and on the community and received some evidence images of

  • Konsta himself in one of his now famous sweaters together with his girlfriend on a Christmas party
  • a V on a newspaper so that I could see the current date

to prove that his account had not been hacked. :joy:

@Konstantinos can I share those images? :rofl:


my memorable moments would be…eve community forum, telegram, WhatsApp, login failure, promo video, often repeated questions in eve forum, proto test, eGPU (boring demand for a professional 2in1), 1TB SSD (which finally I placed the order)+30 days more waiting period for that, after much fighting internally between mind and heart, often wasteful question on “when will we get V?” and subsequent cajoling and giving pacifier to the distressed soul, defending each and every decision with key technical inputs, of course learning a great deal, Chinese new year calendar, multi-language keyboard, and visiting each day at eve forum to see some good news… :+1::rofl::grinning::maple_leaf::heart:

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The most painful moments:

  • every day waiting for the V
  • The moment when I did not win a prototype for testing :sob:

Remember a few more things…
Mozo case, giveaway, @evedevices, specs, customer support, PayPal, prototypes, missed flights, China, salmonella, Linus

Oh Sure! Please share them! I can’t find them anymore :slight_smile: that was fun!