Your dream monitor 2023. Tell us about your setup!

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In this post we will continue the discussion in regards to your dream monitor 2023!
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Your dream monitor 2023
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Tell us about your setup

When thinking of monitor trends and future of this industry most of the manufacturers focus on hard specs and incremental improvements. We would like to try different approach and ask you about your setup and what role monitor plays there. We prepared 1 pager, 5 minute, anonymous survey with the goal of understanding interaction with your monitor better. In the next post we will summarise the results and share it here as an infographic. I think it would be pretty cool to see in quantitive way what people have on their desk in our community, how we manage cables and what role monitor plays in your setup. Based on this survey the next step could be brainstorming ideas on what could be improved in the monitor industry in terms of helping you enjoy your work/ battle station more.

Check the survey out below

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And as always feel free to discuss whatever comes to your mind in the comments below while taking the survey!


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I second the 5k 120hz spec. It’s the ideal resolution for 27 inch (integer scaling for acceptable gaming performance). I’d stay with IPS and the current materials to keep it somewhat affordable.


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What would your definition of “somewhat affordable” be?

@Cas I’d suspect many people will compare it with the only other 5k monitor on the market, the LG ultrafine 5k. I can get the LG for €999,- in NL. So I’d guess €1499