You told us about your setup, now it's time for us to report!

Hey everyone,

Back in June we asked you to participate in a survey about your setup. It’s been a while, but it’s finally time to have a look at the results!

dough desk survey September 2022 r6-01
dough desk survey September 2022 r6-02
dough desk survey September 2022 r6-03
dough desk survey September 2022 r6-04
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Those graphics are CLEAN :woozy_face: :heart_eyes: Great Job and thanks to everyone who participated in the survey! :tada:


How many people were in this survey, or did I miss that in the infographics?

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Love these community reports/surveys, they’re presented so well and give a better understanding of us at large

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Hi guys,

You didn’t miss anything since we don’t have it there on the visual. But we have a total of 412 entries for this survey!

Glad you like it!.. I am also glad to know that I am one among many who has the entire setup in the bedroom :stuck_out_tongue:


Just need some empty water bottles for me :joy: