XSX the screen constantly goes black

Hoping you guys can help out with my brand new monitor.

When using on my XSX the screen constantly goes black (monitor stays turned on) for ~5 seconds.

This obviously makes it very tough to game. Any troubleshooting tips?

Two ideas:

Update to version 1.02
Get another HDMI 2.1 Cable (Certified, not the cheapest from Amazon!)

@ReignDespair @Lore_Wonder
Could you check why there is no download for version 1.02 on the support side?
After the problems with 1.04 it would be nice to get the option to use 1.02 (the rollback safe firmware would be nice)

firmware 102R875 is the firmware you will want to download from Eve support page. However firmware 104 has more XSX improvements and includes the files from firmware 102R875.

I will be sure to get a certified HDMI cable. I ordered a Thunderbolt 3 after reading that many USB cables are only meant for charging.

Another issue I am having is udating firmware. The Spectrum recognizes my Mac over HDMI but if I plug in a windows 10 laptop or my Mac running windows 10 via Bootcamp it won’t mirror the screen, just keeps saying no signal. On Windows it also doesnt detect any monitor. Any suggestions?

And when the Thunderbolt 3 arrives do I need to have Windows 10 laptop connected to Spectrum via HDMI and USB-C or just USB-C? (Tried multiple times with just USB-C but probably wrong cable, Spectrum would only show no signal).


Have a windows 10 device. I used usb c to USB c to help with the firmware update. The usb c cable needs to be plug into the usb c port located bottom left corner of monitor left of the joystick and the other end plug into your windows 10 device. Unfortunately there isnt much of a mac support yet. Eve is still working on firmware for Mac users.
Project: Spectrum | How To Update The Firmware. Here is a firmware update guide.

Does it have to be USB-C on both ends? The laptop I am borrowing for this is older, it has windows 10 but only the traditional USB ports

Also, I have Bootcamp running on my Mac so it can “run” windows as can obviously accommodate the USB-C.

Still not sure what the older windows laptop and Mac in bootcamp cant display on Spectrum over HDMI. Thoughts?

This is what Lorewonder has said.
“Connect Spectrum with the PC (or laptop) via a USB Type-C# connector. The video input source can be Type-C, DP, or HDMI”. I don’t have a mac and i don’t know if bootcamp will work for the update.
A few others in a different topic thread are saying bootcamp should work.

The limiting factor will be whether the firmware needs to be sent over a USB 3.x high-speed connection, or if a USB 2.0 connection is ok. I don’t know if anyone’s tested a 2.0 connection yet.

If it does work, you should be able to use a USB-A to USB-C cable to do the update. You could also try a USB-A to USB-B cable to see if it works. (USB-B is the square connector that’s often used by printers.)

The main thing you’ll need to do on the Spectrum’s on-screen settings is to set the USB hub source (upstream connection) to the correct USB port. It can be either USB-B or USB-C. If you’re using USB-C, make sure you’re plugged into the connection on the bottom, next to where the power adapter plugs in.

Fingers crossed you can get a connection that’s able to do a firmware update!


Thanks, we will see when Thunderbolt 3 arrives.

One thing I still cant make sense of with USB discussion aside…how come when connected via HDMI my Mac running MacOS works fine (minus some color issues) but when Windows 10 laptop or Mac running Windows 10 via Bootcamp are connected via HDMI neither the Spectrum or the laptops recognize eachother. Any ideas?

@LoneWolf @NZgeek

Good news, after getting my Thunderbolt 3 cable I was able to successfully update firmware via Macbook Pro running Windows 10 on Bootcamp.

The certified HDMI 2.1 cable also works great for XSX, no more flickering or black outs. I was using the HDMI that came with the XSX and youd think theyd provide a certified cable but whatever, problem solved.

Thanks for the support!


That’s great news….hope when mine comes will be good then…what games on the XSX have you tried @ 4k 120 fps? And is it good?

I mainly play COD and will play Halo when it comes out. Vanguard and Warzone look fantastic on 4K/120Hz with a certified HDMI 2.1 cable