Xbox Series X (Warzone) & Macbook Air - 48 Hour Review

I finally received my Eve Spectrum 4k 144hz on Wednesday 7/28 and have had 48 hours to enjoy it thus far.

I had missed the first wave of shipments after dragging my feet to pay the full invoice, so I paid for expedited shipping when I completed my order on June 8th, 2021. My package arrived 1 day earlier than the shipping estimate, which was a welcome surprise. One corner of the monitor’s display box was slightly damaged/crinkled but the packaging was super sturdy inside and protected the panel and other contents within. Unboxing and attaching the stand couldn’t have been any easier. The monitor has zero dead pixels or other issues I’ve detected.

The first thing I did with the monitor was connect to my Xbox Series X (XSX). After going through the Xbox settings, I followed the Xbox UI instructions to enable 4k 120 hz and immediately logged into Warzone to get gaming. I used the frame rate counter to monitor FPS and gameplay stays quite close to 120 the majority of the time in game. As the game loads and during pre game lobbies it drops and varies more than actual gameplay, but the experience is very smooth and a huge improvement in clarity coming from a 1080p 120hz monitor.

I am still tweaking but currently I’ve disabled HDR in the Xbox settings and feel it’s necessary for the FPS nature of Warzone and the vast difference in lighting when peaking out of a window in a dark room towards the sun or transitioning in and out of shadows. I don’t believe this is an issue with the monitor, just a facet of the type of game. However, with HDR off, the clarity is amazing, lighting stays consistent and it’s almost overwhelming with the details I am now noticing! Sniping long shots in 4k @ 120FPS is a thing of beauty.

I’ve yet to play any more cinematic titles or story modes, so I suspect certain games would take advantage of HDR better than Warzone does. I used to keep HDR off when I played Warzone on my 65 inch television as well, so that just may be MY preference.

I am still tweaking with the Response Time Overdrive for Warzone. I don’t feel much difference between Normal & High. Both seem fine, I might have a preference towards high, but can’t really tell yet. There may be ‘better’ settings with the ideal user defined setting for XSX. I’ve seen other reviews have found ‘23’ is the best for their computer setup at 144hz, but that likely won’t translate perfectly to 120FPS on XSX.

When I’m not gaming, I work a sales job from home. I’ve now added the Spectrum to my home office setup and am running the Spectrum along with my old 1080p monitor in a dual display configuration connected to a 2020 macbook air 13 inch w/ retina display. I mainly run software demos and send emails so nothing complicated going on there. The monitor is way clearer than my old, even just reading emails, so it’s a treat to use.

However, for home office work, I do feel the ‘Normal’ color temperature preset is a bit too cool/blue and the warm is a bit too warm/red for my liking. I like my display to be as close to ‘white’ as possible so am still tweaking settings, but it takes a longggg time to manipulate the color settings with the on screen display with trial and error. If anyone has suggestions on user defined color settings getting closer to ‘white,’ please share!

I’ve heard others complain about some high pitched noises. I have not experienced any of that. My macbook’s HDMI port dock whines louder than anything else in my office.

Overall, the monitor just plain works. I wanted to take advantage of XSX 120hz capabilities via HDMI 2.1 and this is the first option that I was able to get my hands on to deliver on those specs! I have been impressed with the quality of the build and the ease of use I’ve experienced thus far. Everything that was advertised works as described and honestly, I have zero complaints besides nit-picky color temperatures (that I have the ability to adjust myself, if I had the time and motivation).

Anyone still concerned whether or not this monitor is ‘real’ or won’t live up to the hype, shouldn’t be. This monitor is the king right now for anyone gaming on a device running 4k and wants to go to 120 or 144hz.

Please feel free to ask questions and share any tips or tricks other XSX users have found!


Thank you for sharing your experience. Let me know if you want to mash in the Warzone sometime. I’m also shifting over from a 65’ TV (once I receive my monitor).

You didn’t upgrade the firmware version to 102?


@DG - my monitor states it’s on version 102 out of the box. Possibly because I was on the second wave?

Either way, I don’t own a PC so upgrading firmware will be a pain until they release a Mac utility to do so. So I hope no big changes are released before that!

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I think someone mentioned that it says 102, but its not the 102 firmware. Maybe @ReignDespair can confirm what it says out of the box and should you upgrade?


Hey, @altj723!

Here are my personal advice based on my experience with manually tweaking the white point of Spectrum ES07D03. After switching the color temperature in the OSD to User defined, by default, the values of R, G, B are 255, 255, 255, equivalent of the Normal preset. To start with, reduce the Blue value to your liking between cool (blue) and warm (yellow). Next, if you perceive the display to be too green, reduce the Green value to your liking. If you perceive the display to be too red, reduce the Red value to your liking. Let me know how it goes!


Have an xbox series x and just received my spectrum. How do I enable auto low latency mode?

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I posted the same thing in my User Experience review…