Xbox Series X not recognizing 4K

Hey guys! Probably another dumb question…

My xbox doesn’t recognize my Spectrum as a 4k monitor. Its outputting 120Hz just fine but capped at 1080p. I have my Xbox in the HDMI 1 slot and my Mac Pro in the HDMI 1 slot.
And yes I bought the 4K 144Hz model haha.

Is there something I am missing?



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Hey Edward. Are you using the HDMI cable that came with the Xbox? This is probably a hdmi cable issue. You will need to use an HDMI 2.1 cable to get the 4K display, and the hdmi that came with the Xbox is 2.1.


Oh my god I’m dumb hahaha. How did I not think about that!
Thank you so much for the heads up.

Definitely will buy a HDMI 2.1 cable now.

Actually… I just picked up a Belkin HDMI 2.1 cable and its still showing 1080p.

This it the cable I got. Am I missing something else?

It’s the Xbox series X, right?
I would try resetting your console. Either that or try “calibrate tv”

Edward, try this and let me know
Go to Profile & system > Settings > General > TV & display options. Under the Advanced column, choose Video fidelity & overscan. In the Display column, ensure that Auto-detect (Recommended) is selected.