Xbox Series X Intermittent No Signal

I have a issue on my eve spectrum where the monitor will say no signal sometimes.

It usally last for 3-5 seconds when i enter or exit a game application or go into another menu on xbox and its kinda annoying and there’s no vaild reason it should be happening

I have already tried both hdmi 2.1 ports on the monitor and ive tried 2 hdmi cables.

The first hdmi cable i tired was the one that comes with the xbox series x that is a ultra high speed cable and i had this issue.

The second hdmi cable i tried is a certified 4k120hz braided 48 gbps high speed cable and i still have the same issue where the monitor will say no signal for upto 3-5 seconds.

Sometimes i have to unplug the hdmi cable from the monitor and plug it back in.

I know it isn’t my xbox because i never had this issue on the previous monitor i had.

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Hi @Optimus_Prime,

What version of firmware are you using? Also do you have VRR option enabled?

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Im on firmware 105 which i believe is the latest one at the moment.

I have VRR enabled on my xbox and on the monitor.

It seems to be better and less frequent with VRR enabled.

sometimes i will still receive a black screen when entering exiting a game app or going from a game or app to my home screen usally lasting between 1-3 seconds at max.

It might be normal having to reload the entire screen when entering or exiting a game or app or going from a game or app to the home screen causing a black screen upto 3 seconds but im not sure.

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Hi @Optimus_Prime,

Have you tried using different resolution? (i.e. 1440p) I would assume that you are in 4K at the moment?

Yes im in 4k at the moment but that’s pretty bad (if im not the only one) that has to set the resolution to 1440p to stop it from getting a black screen when switching between games and applications especially when it’s intended to be used at 4k.

I understand there are so many variables to take in based on everyones set up like (ps5/xbox series x/pc and the type of hdmi cable the type of games and apps you are switching from/to that its hard to narrow it down the the exact problem but my best guess is that it has to do the display the whole screen at 4k resolution when switching between games and applications but im not sure.

Hi @Optimus_Prime,

I completely agree with you since it defeats the purpose of getting a 4k screen to begin with!

Correct, there are a lot of variables to take when it comes to troubleshooting. Everybody have different setup. Even a simple on/off setting that is often overlooked may have a big impact.

Alternatively, you can try below settings and see if it works for you:

Xbox Settings:
Display: 4K
Refresh Rate: 120hz
Allow Variable Refresh Rate: Off

Low-Latency: Off
Adaptive Sync: Off
Response Time Overdrive: Off

(credits to @lusky3!)

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I still run into the same issue showing a temporary black screen when going into a game/app/entering or exiting a game or going to my home screen

(pretty much any new menu i open or exit) (the time is slightly reduced after switching all the settings you told me.

sometimes it completely stops the black screen from happening which is good and normal. But it doesn’t completly get rid of the black screen problem.

It could also be a issue with the power supply getting hot and the monitor getting warm but thats just another factor to take in.

Hi @Optimus_Prime,

It is an improvement but not quite a remedy just yet.

Heat is another possibility. Additionally, it comes down to two possible culprit (can be more, but I can’t think of anything else at the moment):

  1. Cable issue. I know that you have tried two different cables. But an extra or two will help narrow this down even further.
  2. Firmware. Have you updated to the latest one? We will also be releasing version 106 soon so you might want to try it as soon as it comes out.

Another option is to troubleshoot by switching on/off abovementioned setting and figure out which one works for you. Since it varies from case to case, I cannot recommend one single setting fits all mentality :slight_smile:

If I may know, what kind of monitor did you use prior to Spectrum?

Im on firmware 105

I had a acer 1440p/2k 60hz using the ultra high speed hdmi cable that came with the xbox series x

I never had a black screen issue with that monitor using the hdmi cable that came with the xbox series x prior to getting my eve spectrum 4k144hz

I bought a new ultra high speed certified braided hdmi cable certified to play at 4k120hz at 48gbps of proceeding speed hoping it would resolve the problem but it only slightly reduced it.

problem is here to stay for now most likely it is due to the power supply getting hot and the monitor getting warm

I will keep switching around settings but i think the problem is here to stay for now

Hi @Optimus_Prime,

Having higher resolution and higher refresh rate results in higher signal transmission which require higher end cable to be able to achieve. Since your new cable improves the condition (even only slightly), it means that it performs better than the standard xbox series x included cable.

Not to mention as well 4K with above standard refresh rate (+60hz) is very taxing for both the xbox itself and the monitor. All this generates heat. And yes, you are right: heat is another factor.

The settings mentioned before are meant to minimise the amount of signal being transmitted, allowing for less pressure to the system, and faster “response” from the monitor.

Meanwhile, stay tuned with 106 already on the horizon! I will try and reach out if I come across anything else that might help.

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Thanks i will try it out and see what results i get.

This is completely irrelevant to this topic thread but since the first day i received my monitor there has been a noticeable solid green line at the bottom and on the right side of the screen while watching YouTube videos. (This only applies to the YouTube app)

this only applies while watching youtube videos
and the second i pause a video or if i am just scrolling though what i want to watch the green is not there at all.

This was never a issue on my previous monitor and it only started with this new monitor.


Update : the green line at the bottom and the right side of the screen disappears when i set the resolution on my xbox in the settings to the max resolution set by the creator/uploader

1080p/1440p/4k.(example if the resolution set by the uploader is set at 1080p max i have to set the resolution of the xbox to 1080p to remove the green line.

Im assuming this is probably a issue when the monitor and xbox is set at a 4k resolution but the max resolution on the video is being rendered at 1080p/1440p causing a green line when the monitor is trying to render it at 4k when it can only render the max resolution set on the video.

It was such a obvious fix that i just didn’t see and im not sure if i am the only one with this issue that didnt realize it was a easy fix.

but all i has to do was set/switch the resolution on my xbox the the max resolution set by the uploader/creator and it fixed it.

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Thanks for the info!

I have seen this kind of behaviour too on some 4k panels on demo display. Might be the way the YouTube app behave vs monitor’s upscaling process.

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Yeah that is probably the most likely outcome of the problem.

Im just glad that it was a issue with the resolution trying to be upscaled by both the xbox and monitor.

It was such a obvious fix just having to set the resolution on the xbox to the max set resolution by the uploader to remove the green line.

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I am having the same issue with my Xbox Series X

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Hi @MajorBenBo,

Mind explaining more about your issue; what kind of setup do you have and please try above settings then let us know the outcome.

As discussed above, there are many variables to consider. So we need as much information as we can in order to troubleshoot.

I thought i was the only one with the issue im thankfull that im not. Would be nice if you could specify the issue you are having based on our previous conversation

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I wonder if this is an issue because the Xbox is switching from SDR (the guide and dashboard) to HDR (games and youtube).


Thats a good theory, its all about testing/activating/deactivating settings on both the xbox and the monitor itself to see exactly what is causing the issues.

I am still having black screen issues and i have to switch the display resolution output on my xbox and the monitor itself to fix any possible issues while switching between apps and games.

(the black screen is based on so many factors from what ive tired that ive lost track of what does and doesn’t work to stop it.)

I think that’s just the way its gonna be constantly having to switch settings based on what you’re doing.

The monitor has to re resolution the entire screen if you switch from one application to another application/game taking lots of processing power to accomplish especially if your switching between a game being resolutioned at 4k to a app at 1080p/1440p.

It all makes sense having to switch but it is kinda annoying idk i lost track of what i just said and im not sure at this point.


Yea its tough cuz halo is my main game. Also the monitor doesnt recognize halo infinite as a HDR game half time. Even when im in the game or load up different games that I know have HDR it will say SDR. I have to load cold war to get the hdr displaying right and then move to halo.

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