Xbox Series X Blanking

Im having issues with my glossy monitor. Black screen every time I boot up cod. Im on XSX. I haven’t been using this monitor even tho I got it on the 19 of August. It works perfectly find when Im in the dashboard but once I boot the game up it goes black screen. What should I do? Over 1000 dollars for this crap. My firmware version should be 107. help

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Turn on VRR under performance in the OSD?

when I go to performance everything under it is faded out I can’t click it only response time overdrive that is on high. and the firmware on it is version 100 my mistake

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Hey @Osho

Just to be clear the firmware version you are running is 100 not 107 correct?
Edit: I see your second post :slight_smile:

Is the black screen consistent or is more of blanking for a short duration of time?

Black Screen after I launch any game I’m on XSX and yes 100 my mistake. it good when im the dashboard but once I launch the game black screen.

On your Xbox, is allow variable refresh rate enabled or disabled?

I don’t think so I don’t even know where that is so I doubt I turn it on but ill check

I do not have an XSX but I believe it is in TV & Display settings and then select Video modes

its off the only thing on is 4k HDR10 and Auto HDR

Alright, you are connected via HDMI 2.1 correct? Can you ensure that your input in the Input / Output page on your OSD is set to HDMI instead of DisplayPort?

Also, can you change “High USB Data speed” to “High refresh rate” in the OSD as well?

yes. yes and yes done

Are you able to disable or enable VRR now?

not on the monitor only on xbox its still faded out on the monitor

Can you try launching a game to see if the screen blanks again? If your input was set to DisplayPort and you were connected HDMI that could have been the issue

Nope I was on hdmi 1 I check that already also check hdmi 2 and every time I launch any game it goes black screen

Can you try removing all the cables you have connected, unplug and wait 30 seconds. Then plug in only power and let it come on. From there connect only HDMI to the XSX and test it from there, without anything else connected.

That didn’t work either :frowning:

Hey @Osho so after looking this issue up can you try turning off Auto HDR? Seems that since there is none on the dashboard would be the reason why it goes black on game launch, from what others with this issue said.

Auto HDR on the Xbox? Because it’s on, on the Xbox only I haven’t really changed anything on the monitor

Update. I reseted everything and I can now use my Monitor but I can’t plug in my captured card anymore. I can only use my monitor plug in to the xbox. And I can play in 4k 120hz. Does this monitor not work well with a captured card plugged in? This is the first and only gaming monitor that is giving me issues if I have a captured card plugged in? Is there anyway to fix this? edit: Also wanna add when I for example open the xbox menu during a game the screen goes black for a second then back to normal is that normal or just me