Xbox series x 4k 144hz

just got my eve spectrum monitor today 4k 144hz done the firmware update plugged it up to the xbox and when i open games or go off games to navigate to settings my screen goes black for a second then comes back? @ReignDespair

update - i disabled hdr10 on xbox settings and i get no black screen when i open or close app or games, is there any way to fix the black screen when you open close apps or games with hdr10 on? @ReignDespair

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Hi @undoxable,

How long does the black screen last for? If it 1-2 secs then this is perfectly normal as this shows the console transitioning from 60hz to 120hz

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its for a couple seconds @MarvyMarvz , oh i thought that wasnt supposed to happen lol thanks for clearing that up!

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I have the same problem. Sometimes the screen comes back after a few seconds and Sometimes it doesn’t come back on at all. When I want to play on the xbox I need to turn my xbox on before I turn my monitor on otherwise the xbox dashboard doesn’t appear. Also tried my firestick and I cannot get that to appear at all.