Xbox Series S Calibration help


I was attempting to calibrate my Spectrum 4K with the Xbox Series S and ran into a couple of issues getting HDR working.

Everything in the 4K TV Details section is check marked green, except for Dolby Vision items, as expected. I have a proper HDMI cable.

The “Calibrate HDR for games” tool seems to work fine, I can see and set the images there. The monitor indicates that HDR is being processed in the OSD during setup. I can adjust the checkboard patterns as I’d expect

The “Calibrate TV” tools doesn’t seem to work though. When I’m looking for the closed eye in the Brightness test, or the sun image in the Contrast test, I can’t get either of them to show up, no matter how much I adjust brightness or contrast. In the Brightness test the wizard says “If you can’t see the closed eye, make sure the HDMI black level settings for your Xbox console and TV match”. How do I go about doing this, or is there something else that I need to adjust?

I have everything checked in the “General Video modes” menu, and have “Video fidelity” set to 10-bit and PC RGB. When I play Destiny, everything seems super dark to me, when normally I’d expect more detail.

Does anybody have an idea of why I might be having issues with it?

I don’t think I’m getting HDR on my PC w/ 1080 either, but that’s probably a different post…


do you have firmware 102R875 installed for the spectrum? HDR has been improved on the latest firmware 104.

Thanks for the reply! Yes, I do have Firmware 104 installed on the spectrum.

hmm. Are you using a certified 2.1 hdmi? Some users xbox hdmi cable didnt work well with their spectrum but once they went to a certified everything was fine. if you have a certified cable you could try the previous firmware 102R875 and see if that version works better for you. Safely rolling back to 102R875 from (

I believe so, I’m using these 8K Certified Ultra High Speed HDMI cables: Monoprice 8K Certified Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable - HDMI 2.1, 8K@60Hz, 48Gbps, CL2 In-Wall Rated, 30AWG, 6ft, Black -

EDIT: forgot to mention, I had the same issue with the previous 102 firmware that the monitor came with as well, which is why I tried installing 104.

Would recommend avoiding monoprice cables. They have a bad rep for quality… LTT actually recently did a video about this:

Thanks for the link, good to know! It doesn’t seem like a cable issue in this case. I tried a Xbox Series X, as well as the Ultra High Speed Cable that comes with the XSX and I have the same issue of not seeing the closed eye or the sun when adjusting Brightness and Contrast.

Is anybody able to see these when running the calibration with the 4K Spectrum?