Wrong item received - matte screen shipped in glossy box

After viewing Trouble cleaning Glossy 4k screen - #2
I know for certain I was shipped a matte screen after paying for the upgrade to glossy. It even came in a box that said it was glossy.

How do I get the actual glossy one that I wanted?

Did anyone else have this problem?


Yes, see my posts here:

Guess I’m not the only one. They’ve asked me to return so they can inspect and see if it qualifies for RMA. With the inventory issues and my prior issues trying to get a refund I’d rather wait until the shipper has the replacement before sending mine off.

@Cas I haven’t heard from support in a couple days and obviously this isn’t an isolated issue. With how factories work I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole current batch is wrong. I’m not an expert on public relations but imo it might be a good idea to get out ahead of this with an announcement and investigation. It’s an unfortunate problem, but it could be a good chance to show the community how you deal with this kind of situation.

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was looking at your other post and noticed mine also has the dc9 firmware.

Not sure how I feel about returning it without already having the new one. Feels like you’d never even get a replacement

Im sorry that you haven’t heard back from our support team. I will follow up again for this.

Not all batch. I have checked with the team and they mentioned that there is only a couple of units being miscounted during shipment. Five units to be specific.

I am not 100% sure on how it is going to be handled. But at this stage it would make sense to actually reserve glossy units that are ready to be shipped, before returning it. I do not have any information on the current stock for me to say anything specific.


It’s been a week with me following up and I haven’t heard from them, have you had any luck?

I’ve heard nothing as of yet.

hope we can get this resolved though.

They responded early last week and said that they have the monitors in stock and a replacement will ship once they receive mine. I responded saying that I’d rather have a refund for the difference in price than send this back before a replacement has shipped, haven’t heard from them yet.

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yeah im kinda with you there I don’t know if I believe I would ever actually get it and then id just have one monitor instead of 2. im more than willing to send mine back after I get what I ordered. and at this point, I feel like im more trustworthy than they are anyways.

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I still haven’t heard anything. I think they just want me to forget about it. What happened with you? You get a refund for the difference?

I didn’t, they told me to ship it back again and that they have stock even though there are people here that aren’t getting them.

I’m working on a fraud case with my CC company.

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I was reading this thread in amazement! So they actually have stock of the 4k glossy screens?! Even with so so many of us still waiting for ours for months and months? Doesn’t add up at all. And smells like ‘you know what’.
To be honest, I can’t even believe OP got a screen at all, even if it was the wrong coating.