Would you recommend this?

As I’m a father of four and can only afford the M3 version of the V (Damn you Christmas!!) would you recommend this SD card?

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Pretty good card for data storage (photos, files, movies). I have one in my Surface Book.


had some disappointing experiences with Sandisc… not so with Transcend… but that does not mean anything…

I got that one for my V. I paid about 80 euros (without VAT) for it early this year. Not surprisingly I have no user experience yet, so I can’t really say how it is. Overall I have no quarrel with Sandisk and I have used a couple of their products.

I have several of these, tablet, phone and camera. All have worked without issue. I keep a lot of flac encoded music on my phone. :loud_sound:


I had an opposite experience.

I’ve no experience of that specific card, but I have had a couple of SanDisk cards. One of them have stopped working for some unknown reason, but most of them have worked fine.

You might want to look into a card with higher write speeds if you are going to use it as an SSD extention. I’m thinking of U3 that gives three times the write speed compared to U1 on the one you showed.
For example this one. I don’t know where you are, but here in Sweden they’re not much more expensive :slight_smile:

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If the the price is under $1 per GB the by all means get the 500GB+ evo

And stick it in the microsd-slot?

That seems to be correct !

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Yep thats right. You can even doubble the 512gb V onboard storage.

I’ve been using that SanDisk 200GB one in my Microsoft Lumia 950XL for almost 2 straight years now, and have no complaints.

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