Would you like to grab few beers with Eve guys tomorrow in downtown Helsinki?

Hey dudes!

We were thinking as the news are quite good with the screen! Why not to go for a beer to Sori Taproom 7pm tomorrow?

Let’s chat, have few beers and check the final Windows image together! Let us know who is coming. At lest 2 community members are joining:)

Here is the place: http://soribrewing.com/taprooms


Yes let’s have nice EVE evening tomorrow!


I’ll be there. Can’t wait to see V in action!

Be sure to get pictures 'n stuff!


I’m in.

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Awesome! Come there at 7pm you will find us as I will be in V t shirt


Pff we don’t need to know your shirt to recognize you. I think you’re kind of a celebrity around here :smiley:


can i get one V T-Shirt ? :no_mouth:

I’m coming… (in my dreams :rofl:) …sigh…

Have fun guys.

I would also be in, when you sell some of the shirts :wink:

In Helsinki I unfortunately cannot be in, because it is a litte bit far from Vienna :stuck_out_tongue: But I would love to come^^

Nice meet!

Personal best part of the V prototype for me was the sturdy and reliable feeling keyboard, and overall well thought out visual design. The device felt well balanced on its dimensions and weight too.

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Someone should probably start a thread in #community:tech-talk to tell us all about the meet-up. With pictures and stuff!

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I have seen the V and it’s goooooooood! It was really nice to meet you guys and have a nice discussion about the V and Eve.

Keep up the good work!

Some impressions here:
Alcantara feels really nice
V feels thinner than it is
V is gorgeous
Members of the @Team are really cool