Would you guys be interested in a "gamer-centric" review of the 4k/144 model? If so, please suggest a game

I have a 3080 and I noticed that pretty much every review so far is for console or integer scaling etc, not really using the “full power” of the display. I have a few games I can push to 144 4k but if anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

There’s a link to all of the games I own on Steam, if you see anything in that list that would be good for testing, let me know.

Some games I’m thinking of are:
Need for Speed Heat
Doom Eternal
Red Dead Redemption 2
The Forest
Payday 2
Sniper Elite 4
Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition
Borderlands 3
Dying Light
Mortal Kombat 11

I have plenty more games, plus about 20 more on EA’s Origin launcher and almost 100 on Epic.
If there’s interest in this review I’ll post those game libraries too. Also if you’re on Steam feel free to add me.


Doom Eternal should be a good one to start with. I can only speak to a 3080 @ 1440p but I’m assuming with DLSS you should be able to hit a locked frame rate in the 100/120/144hz @ 4k range at which point you can give the strobbing tech a proper test (with latest firmware). Plus it supports HDR (and RTX reflections) so even though we are limited to IPS levels of contrast, the colors should look awesome.

I’d also love to hear how it goes when you can’t lock the frame rate for strobbing since these monitors have all the variable rate goodness. RDR2 would be great for that since it’s a performance beast with variance in the frame timings.

Basically any games and just speak to your experience with either locked frame rates + strobbing or variable frame rates with VRR (do you notice obvious tearing, etc.).


Call of Duty Warzone. It’s free to download. Amazing battle royale and difficult to win.

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He should be able to push Doom Eternal to 144fps at 4K. I got a 2070 Super and I’m pushing it to 110-120fps at 4K


Can you review it with CyberPunk 2077?. Also make a details of which setting did you turn off in order to make it to run like butter.

Warzone is my personal hell. On PC about 15% of players have some kind of cheat. Is Black Ops Cold War OK or should I delete it and install warzone to run it? (limited nvme space)


If you want RTX off and DLSS on then absolutely. I’m on level 1 of Doom so I’m dying to do the campaign lol.

@VM I can try, but I’ll have to confirm this later lol, I’m pretty broke after express shipping the monitor :wink:

@Upstaged I got my 144 4k cord literally hours ago but I can tell you without strobing unless you’re Shroud or some kinda professional gamer you won’t notice any kinda ghosting, I literally have strobing off. It actually makes the monitor like 50% brightness and I’m used to blasting my eyes with as much light as possible so I’ve kept it off just so I can see targets at long range etc.


I’ve been playing around a bit this afternoon (just got it) and yeah at 4k strobing will require going down to at least 120 and maybe 100 if you want all the eye candy (and that’s with dlss on medium) for DE.

I normally play at 120cdm so the middle strobing default is more than bright enough for me in general. But the thing is - HDR is amazing. I wasn’t expecting how great it would look on this panel (we don’t have FALD and ips glow is what it is) but I can’t imagine going back to nonHDR mode now for Doom. The way the colors/lights explode, just wow. Yeah I’m ok skipping strobing on Doom in exchange for HDR and those peak brightness effects.

Plenty of other SDR games I’ll test strobing with. I’m a ULMB/strobing junky - the increase in motion resolution is just an amazing bonus feature (and BBusters tuning this model is what finally made me pay in full). But obviously if you need 250+ nits, well then you do what ya gotta do. :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve had it with that game. I’ve switched to Valorant, currently also playing the Halo Infinite Beta, and it seems super promising. Hope they have a BR but they probably wont.