Would Eve Ever Consider Making PC's?

Has EVE ever thought about the idea of making branded PC’s?


I am curious to hear the reasons of making branded PCs.


By EVE’s purcashing power, it would keep costs down. That alone is a huge benefit. I would like to see 3 different options to choose from based on one’s needs (gaming, etc). I also see a market for people getting into the PC’s who don’t want to build one but would like a simple plug-n-play experience.


They would have to do it in a modular way. Would be cool to set things up so anyone could upgrade stuff.


Maybe a eve gaming desk? Or gaming chair?

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A chair would be cool. I was also thinking mouse/keyboard combo.

Personally I think Eve would sooner create a PC case over a pre-build.

I also want to create a chair since most chairs right now are either crap, wrong or crazy expensive. Or a combination of those.


A nice looking minimalist ITX case that costs under $200 would hit a very large market :wink:

You mean like the Lian Li PC TU150, Fractal Design Node 202, Fractal Design Node 304, Thermaltake Core V1, Cooler Master NR2000 or NZXT H1 ?


I was more looking at cases like the Streacom DA2, NCase M1, and the Loque Ghost S1. These cases are a lot more “designer” than the ones you listed, a lot smaller, perform a bit better in terms of temps (I think), and a LOT more expensive. They’re all over $200, and if you can hit a lower price point with a similarly good looking design, while accommodating a full-size GPU and 240mm AIO cooler, you have a winner.


I forgot the name of the Streacom, i like it’s design a lot.

I believe the reason they are expensive is because of the small target audience, the relatively small economy of scale that comes with it (getting the fabrication costs out of it can be quite the challenge). But it can be interesting non the less. I like the NZXT H1 doing something different (build in CPU cooler)


Agreed. The H1 is a great looking case.