Won't go into standby after switch off computer

This issue hasn’t been fixed since FW 102!

Hi @richkid ,

Sorry that you are experiencing this. What do you mean exactly by the monitor not being able to go to standby?

Is it similar to what has been recorded here? Or is it an entirely different issue?

This is why I’m still running Firmware 102. This is so sad that they can’t fix this LOL.

Hi @barron & @richkid,

I remember seeing this issue in multiple topics, such as the one Theo posted above.

It is difficult to see where the exact fault lies as everyone has different PC set-ups. I’m using HDMI 2.1 with a 3080 and I’ve never experienced this issue, even with my drivers up-to-date and upgraded with each firmware release. My younger brother also has a similar set-up to mine with a 3070, however, he does not update his graphics driver (for some weird reason).

We are both using our 4k Spectrums as our second screen as we are waiting to receive our 280hz model to use as our primary, for now, we have 1080p as our main monitors.

There are multiple variables that could cause this, but with every firmware update resetting the factory settings, it does not seem to be a Spectrum issue. It’s most likely we differentiate in certain Window settings, GPUs and G-Sync and/or VRR/AdaptiveSync settings that cause the backlight to stay on when the PC is off.

To back up my theory, Niraj has never experienced the backlight issue until he upgraded his GPU from 970 to 3080Ti and that is with all his settings staying the same.

It would be interesting to see the difference in our set-ups and find out if I can reproduce the issue.

I don’t know if you’re willing to do this but I and my younger brother both copied the below settings from Panjno when we received our PCs, please give it a try and keep me updated.

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@MarvyMarvz Thanks for the reply.

To be honest, I don’t really nearly care about this issue nearly as much as the incredibly common 144hz/120hz VRR screen blanking one that seems to affect so many users.

If there was a scale on what mattered to me the most about what should be solved on this monitor then I would rate the blanking one a 10/10 and this issue a 3/10.

In case you’re curious however, I did end up having this issue instantly after upgrading my firmware to I think 103 or 104? As soon as I downgraded back to 102 the problem went away instantly so it’s probably likely a firmware issue.

My setup is a 1080ti with 2 x 4K both connected via DisplayPort.

One of the 4K monitors is 60hz and the other one is this Spectrum 144hz 4K.

When booting up into Windows the 4K 60hz one is the “main” as it shows the motherboard splash screen but as soon as Windows boots up the log in screen shows up instantly on the Eve Spectrum.

Hope that helps!


Same with HDMI 2.1, screen won’t go to standby mode but with DisplayPort 1.4 yes. I would prefer to use HDMI, still waiting on a fix for this.

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So am I. I use HDMI for the ES07D03 4K and DP for the 280 Hz Engineering sample. Until I got my 3080 Ti, the 4K had 0 issues going to sleep.

The fw dev team is working on this issue, as I’m having similar results on the 280 Hz also, but we still don’t have a definite reason for the cause.