Won't be getting a Surface Pro 5 anytime soon

“Talking about current owners, he stated that he is “super, super sure” of the fact that “the people using a Pro 4 have a product that’s going to be competitive for five years”.”

Meanwhile, the Eve V has a lot more factors going for it, while being more affordable (comparing the original MSRP)…


Here’s a choice excerpt:

Does that mean there’s a new fifth-generation Surface Pro on the way soon? “When it’s meaningful and the change is right, we’ll put it on market,” he said of the still-hypothetical next Surface Pro. “Meaningful change isn’t necessarily a hardware change, which is what a lot of people look for. They’re like, ‘Where’s the latest processor?’ That’s not what I mean. I’m looking for an experiential change that makes a huge difference in product line.” Examples he cites include making big strides in battery life or dropping the weight significantly, rather than just upgrading the processing power.

“You’ll see that same meaningful impact when Pro 5, or Pro Next hits the market,” Panay said, quickly qualifying that, “there’s no such thing as a Pro 5.”

An optimistic take would be that Microsoft is waiting for some breakthrough advancement, say a doubling of effective battery capacity, at which point they can rejig the whole Surface line around that and hopefully modernise other aspects (like the ports) while they are at it.

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So there won’t be a Surface Pro 5 unveiled on the May 23 event, but they might do like the surface book and refresh the processor on the existing Surface Pro 4.

Anyway if it’s just that, I’m not interested, I would want a thunderbolt port (USB-C) instead of the proprietary surface connect. So in that respect the Eve V is way more interesting

Just saw the same article and was about to post it if I didn’t see it already mentioned in the Community.

I think I understand where Panos is going with this, but then why release a Surface Laptop? Only thing I can think of is that the Surface team is out of meaningful (‘groundbreaking’) ideas at the moment, and is wanting Microsoft’s OEM partners to have a chance with new devices.

Good. I never expected a Pro 5 in the first place. What I will predict is a small ARM tablet or something running Windows 10 S.

Yeah you’re right, probably with a Snapdragon 835, they already did some tests about it. So maybe a regular (not pro) Surface refresh, it’s been more than 2 years since the surface 3

Imagine the cost though… It would certainly be at a disadvantage when compared to the traditional Core CPU equipped devices on the market.

Do you really think so? I’m pretty sure ARM processors are cheaper than Intel’s :wink:

The real disadvantage would be performance. Except if we compare it to a Celeron or something like that… Then it might boil down back to the price…

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I meant the performance/price ratio, but nevermind. :joy:

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Well, Intel seems to have given up their Atom line (for a while), so maybe those tablets are meant to fill the gap… It could turn out that there is no viable alternative for such a low price (if that Snapdragon is cheap enough).

Not quite sure about this. Snapdragons are expensive. I dont have hard numbers, but there is a reason why there isnt any QSD 820 or 835 Chinese phones priced less than $300, no matter how much they compromised on the other components, and the vast majority of Chinese phone manufacturers will do anything just to put QSD 820 on the advertising material.

Your other options is to go MediaTek, but (I imagine) you dont get as much support as a developer, and their single-threaded performance is quite a lot behind QSD.

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Introducing the Lenovo Z2 Plus for 200$(originally 230$), with a Snapdragon 820 and 3GB RAM.

This is from India by the way.
Friend of mine has it, felt pretty fast on my limited hands-on. I have a HTC 10 myself, and the performance seemed to be similar to that.
The only thing I have against that phone is a glass back…

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Well, I didn’t say Snapdragon is as cheap as Mediatek, but it’s still much cheaper than Intel. That’s why Android tablets are so cheap… They’re using Snapdragon processors, even though they could use Intel. And Antony has a good example :slight_smile:

(p.s. I’m just speculating here, I don’t know any of CPU prices so I’m judging by final product prices)

Link plz? Because I don’t believe that.

On the other hand, Intel was selling Atoms for lower than production cost at some point to bite into the mobile market. As we can see that didn’t work too well…

Sorry for German but that’s the first quick result.

Oh, this chinese crap with 1GB of RAM and 0GB of free space on first arrival… Yeah that’s the reason why Intel’s plan didn’t work out :smile:

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Lol. You ask for a link, then you get the link, and as a result the statement is “oh this crap with just such and such low details”… yes, the features built in might be the reason why Atom did not work out.
Looking for similarly spec’d devices with Qualcomm chips brings up results 2x+ as expensive though (e.g. Huawei MediaPad
I think the statement that Intel Atom is not “ridiculously more expensive” does not necessarily hold true.


I thought I already explained why :slight_smile:
Qualcomm never sold their chips below production cost :slight_smile: