Wireless m3 screen device

I had a great idea for a product not really sure how possible it is but just wanted to discus it a little. The idea is this a ultra thin m3 machine with top of the line wireless card ,mobile data and screen this is what you would be carrying around and using all day. Then a computer at home that is constantly broad casting a rendered image of what you are doing so you can interact with it. . So in the end you get insane performance great thermals and battery life in a body that weighs less then a pound. I got this idea from the nvidia shield because you can broadcast games on you computer to your T.V. i don’t know much about wireless speed right now so not sure if this is possible but if it is would you want it.

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You cannot do that. Simpy because of wireless speed it wpuld require. You would not be able to do anything without super fast connection and even if you would have one: you would kill it due to latency (I’ve read some discussion on this topic when few folks tried and latency was 900+ ms usually, since PC is not a server + you sending and reviving tons of bandwidth).

To sum it up: No, it would not work the way you described.


Not sure what you mean, what he described is basically cloud computing or a remote desktop, citrix etc… If you connect by remote desktop to a machine and have your remote window full screen, you forget after a while you are not working on the machine you type into …
As for bandwidth, you transfer input device data and video, sound… At least where i live the common standard of internet connection allows 4k streaming without issues, and that is the point, that the “server/mainframe” machine is transferring video/audio of the desktop your way, if your 4k Netflix or Prime works, this will work the same with 4k resolution hi def audio.
I had to connect to a remote desktop a couple of times through 3g on my cell when i had an internet outage at home and i was surprised that i did not see much of a difference …
As for latency, multiplayer games exist for decades already and that is the use case scenario that depends on low latency the most, from what i can think of.

As for the market, cloud gains momentum because it has benefits for the customer and provider, i guess all will depend on the OS and MS and Google already now start initiatives of cloud OSs.

So or so, the idea is compelling, all your devices can focus on great user experience (video & audio quality, batt life, weight, design, durability etc) as the performance will be “outsourced”, once you hit a bottleneck you upgrade your home “mainframe” or purchase more processing power from the cloud (or possibly dont have to, the business model can be that you pay a tier price and your vendor upgrades the HW in regular intervals to keep it up).

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For sure, but I guess he meant to use connected remote desktop for demanding tasks (games, rendering, video editing, etc.).

Well … bit rate for 1080p (if i’m not mistaken) is 1 MB/s. So in case you do not have unlimited data (which is really not case in eastern europe), you are going to consume 3.6GB in 1 hour. The bandwidth can ofc vary … depending on algorithms used, but you cannot compress image much since OP mention m3 CPU.

As I mentioned.

What was the resolution?

Multiplayer games are sending data, not video … More likely you should use example with game streaming, which is more accurate.
So let me use it.
Quality is great if you have speed connection, but there is usually big latency (talking in seconds), which is not really usable, on the other hand, Twitch is not configured to provide low latency since it is not necessary.

It sure does. Cloud OS is 1 thing, but gaming on it is second.

Cloud computing is definitely interesting thing and I hope that I will gain popularity in future.
But nowadays, many networks are not fast enough to enable this (in work, sure, no problem, but in cafe / school / train it is not really possible yet).
I do not think this idea is worth it unless it would enable gaming, which is not really a thing yet.

Yeah I think that’s what he meant cloud and it definitely depends on wireless connectivity. I’m in London so its pretty good here. I’ve used the native VMware on my Lumia 930 to check stuff out and it works fine.

This is specifically work stuff though rather than gaming.

They have compute sticks which give I think what you are sort of looking for. The compute sticks now come equipped with i3s, which I think would do what you want.

A compute stick is a compute on a stick with an HDMI interface to plug into a monitor. That and a keyboard get you what I think you are looking or.

two things one we can change the cpu to a i5 y series and if we had the mobile data work with the wifi could it work better

Check out the SuperScreen project on kickstarter. They’re​doing something similar.

would you guys like eve to do something like this

First of all, you should better describe what you mean and what purpose it would actually have. :confused:


sure so basically I want to have max specs in the lightest form possible I also want it good thermals build quality battery life and interface. And I want to use it as a computer that you can take to school/work and use for what ever you want weather its gaming or productivity. So you can do that with this idea

Why not something like Razer Blade??? Top specs in little form factor.

What @ThePromisedEnd was talking about was an idea and the future, with too the question if people would want it if it would be possible.
My reply was a reaction to your ‘you cannot do that’.

I do not see a problem with demanding tasks, games may have the biggest issue with latency, as you need to react fast and as it is a multiplayer environment sync is a large impact variable. You are right that transferring all the video adds a new level of latency, i was only considering “input device latency”. But given the fact how fast wired and wireless speeds of data transfer tech evolved in just the last 10 years, how much time do you think it will take till a large game developer will bring a multiplayer game to run on cloud computing?
They will advertise it as, the ultimate experience when it goes to video audio quality (for same result you would need a gaming pc), but you can play possibly with a Bluetooth controller on your smart tv…

I cant speak for other countries, but unlimited data is almost a standard for wired connections, (i had it more than 10 years back) a couple of years from now, FUP will be laughable considering just how much data a regular household can consume these days because of HbbTV on your smart TV or streaming through Netflix or Prime or movie renting (DVD/Blue-Ray movie renting is where VHS was 15 years ago) or the amount of video playing from your FB stream. User demand will push all of it further.

If MS will go large with a cloud OS, i believe gaming will be solved or even more the gaming companies will have a cloud solution as i describe above already in place + Gaming is niche, the crushing majority of PC users do not game, but may need performance for other tasks or the convenience the cloud may provide.

Cloud is the future, not just because of the benefits we can think of now, but too because of what is the next big thing in computing in the next decade = AI assistance & that will only work out of cloud.

But maybe we will see that cloud computing gets into low end - phones, TVs, tablets, wearables, whereas the usual PC & high end will remain as it is now, depending on all hardware be with you… who knows :smiley:

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I have a stealth I dont like it their are too many problems with heat and battery life

@Tomas_Ulicny About the FUP: I meant it for wireless (mobile) connections.

I’m definitely not saying it will not be possible in near future, I honestly hope it will, but it is too early now I would say.
We need major improvements in infrastructure (5G, more and cheaper FUP, faster WiFi, faster internet connections as well as more support for cloud computing), which is not achievable by 1 company.

@ThePromisedEnd I know Razer have some problems, but talking about form factor and performance, is it what you like? EVE might actually by able to make something similar.

Fair enough!
And i agree, yes it will be a small step by step road of different companies participating, not achievable by just 1.
& thx for the thoughts exchange!

I would love it if eve could make similar products but the two thing eve would need to change for me to purchas the product would be battery life and cooling but keep for factor and specs the same i would 100 percent buy it if they changed those two things

Does anyone have any cool different idea that other company’s have not tried

Also is it possible that eve could make a laptop that only has a big battery and the equipment to send and receive things through the internet. so it would not heed thing like a drive so it could save weight.

Well, you need something for an OS. So, at least an extra USB-stick. I don’t think that many people would buy such a device.

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