Wireless Display?

Hi Eve Community, and Evangelists.

Great work on the Eve V media exposure! saw the specs sheets and review stuff, it amazed me.

however, i think one of the things missing (or maybe not mentioned) is about wireless connectivity for mobile computing and presentations. filmmakers need this kind of things.

Any chances it will have WiDi or even better, LTE Network? both will be great to kill surface pro and any other overpriced-not-so-working tablet computer things.


LTE version has been talked about, but nothing official about it yet. There propably will be LTE version coming later.

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Great news, what about WiDi?

It’s also confirmed with Miracast.
WiDi has been discontinued by Intel. Devices with WiDi 3.5 and above should support Miracast.


EVE Team, can you provide a link to an thunderbolt based LTE add on to the V which could become an after market feature of the V?

I wonder if anything like that exists. And why would it need to be TB3 based?

You can get a basic usb based lte-modem-stick from like anywhere right?


It would be interesting, even more interesting if there was one that fit into the MicroSD slot (Sim + modem in one MicroSD package)

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Fell free to google for it :stuck_out_tongue: but the only real world difference I can see in a TB3 LTE thingy compared to a USB one is that it would be just much more expensive :sweat_smile: wouldn’t use up a usb port though.

What I just realized: This is pretty off-topic. Maybe this discussion should end here or be moved to an own thread :sweat_smile: