Wired V-keyboard connection to V (2021)

Since the V-keyboard is not bluetooh, would it be possible to supply a connecting cable between the V and the V-keyboard with the original pogo pins for the V and the V-keyboard, please? The cable length could be 1.5 or 2 m (or even more). In this way it would be possible to use a keyboard V separate from V, e.g. sitting in a chair and V is on the table and there would be no need to buy a keyboard from another manufacturer, whether BT or wired. You could offer the cable as an accessory.
I apologize if such an article already exists, I did not find it.

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Hi @volnyvtak,

Thanks for the suggestion. At the moment, we have no foreseeable plan in developing accessories for V (2021). However, if the time comes when we look into its accessory options, make sure to let us have your idea as a question to the community!

Hang a minute, you haven’t even shipped it nor provided a view of the manufacturing as you promised and you’re already given up on it?

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Thanks for the reply, I was not pleased. I assume that the design, development and implementation would not be demanding, because the construction is already developed. Maybe you can contact an accessory supplier. I suppose it would help more to save money on the purchase of another keyboard, but especially when working with V, they would not have to “switch” between different keyboards - the original and BT.