Windows uses rgb, icc profile needed

Hey I got my monitor yesterday but windows is still using srgb and I can’t find an icc profile for spectrum, where can I get it?

Haven’t heard about an official one, but NZgeek posted a workaround in the meantime.
Would be nice to get a default from Eve if this is possible.


Yeah but If it’s not made for the monitor it won’t be as good, I’ll take a look, might get mine calibrated by a third party would be able to make an unofficial icc to share if I do


I honestly don’t get why we don’t get an icc profile though, most monitors do, aperantly, spectrums are already calibrated why not include the profile so we can astually use the dci-p3 that it’s sold as

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Hey @Kyle_Nash,
You can enable DCI-P3 as apposed to sRGB through the colour space settings on the OSD.

I need to double check with the team, but if HDR is enabled you may not be able to adjust this setting in the OSD. I’ll find out more information in this regard as soon as possible for you.


I’m not sure if this is what ur talking about but in the color settings I get like a pre calibrated icc profile that I’ve never installed myself, I’m assuming it had to have come from the monitor. It was on by default. I forgot what it was called tho not at my pc rn

Yes however if windows doesn’t have the ICC profile it’ll still be giving srgb info meaning the colors womt display right, unless I’m wrong

Hm, I only have the default profiles

On Linux I’m able to see the built in profile but it’s listed as rgb not dci-p3, noticible saturation when setting the monitor to dci-p3