Windows resized after waking up monitor - FW 107/108

I recently updated from 104 to 107.

On my laptop, which is connected through USB-C, the open windows (in Windows) now appear in a much reduced size at the top left hand side of the screen when I wake up the monitor.


  1. I have Outlook or a browser window open and dragged to cover a large part of my screen (i.e. not maximized).

  2. Screen goes to power saver

  3. I wake up the screen. Outlook/browser window is now located to top left, maybe using 5% of the screen. I need to drag the windows larger to resume using them.

I suppose it is down to some resolution issues that are not otherwise apparent to the user. Screen runs in 4K 143.982Hz(?), while the laptop is 1080p. I only use the 4K monitor, not the laptop display.

USB-C bandwith priority: high refresh rate.
Low lat: Off
Adaptive sync: Off
HDR: Off

This was not the behaviour on FW 104.
Anyone else have the same issue and/or can suggest a fix?

Edit: Same behaviour in FW 108