Windows Insider Issue

Just wondering if it’s a processor situation, but I cannot upgrade my V unit to the latest preview on the V. It downloads the update, seemingly installs it, but sits on the “made by us” screen indefinitely. Just wanted to know if I should give up on being a Windows Insiders as long as I own a V or is there something specific about this build that’s causing a failure to install on the device?

I checked the preview notes from Microsoft, and there is no obvious known issue that should be affecting the download of the update on the V.

The last I dug in on it, it seems to be a known issue for a variety of PCs and the current fast ring Insider builds. The slow ring build often fails to download but can be installed from the iso Microsoft has out for it.

Windows Insider (especially the fast ring) is going to be full of bugs, and issues like you experienced should be expected. Afterall, it basically makes you a beta-tester and bug-checker for Windows. These issues will almost always pop up, and typically the best solution is to just reinstall Windows and see if the preview breaks it again.

Insider Previews aren’t toys so you can see new features, they let Windows enthusiasts and developers look at and test new features, as well as learn how to deal with OS and updated crashes.

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A new slow ring preview was released today. I will install on a backup computer, not V…

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Can report that the new slow ring build installed on an M3 V with minimal issues.