Windows expectations

So, I’ve been reading all the various “issues” and disappointments here and I just think we’ve all lost perspective. If you wanted a stunning computer, spend the money on a Macbook Pro or a new Surface Book. As someone who has been trying out Windows 10 on a Surface while waiting for my V, I’ve basically noticed that even in Windows-based software, the attention to detail and the fine tuning is just not at the level I’m used to from OSX applications and hardware.

For example, Windows 10 Mail; could be a great product, they just needed to copy AirMail on the Mac; but it falls short in many simple ways. It’s nearest analog on Windows is Mailbird; but it’s 32-bit and eats your battery even though they advertise it with a Surface. It’s the little things that kill the experience with Windows tech. IMHO.

So, I think my expectations of the V are no higher than what I expect to find in the Windows world. I’ve been spoiled on my Mac; I’ve been going back to it more and more and leaving the Surface behind. Likely my V will just become a really expensive tablet since I’m missing productive finesse in basic Windows apps like mail and calendar, Windows 10 tends to sleep and never wake, sound service goes missing constantly, etc. Not V’s problems; but it sets the expectations.

While I think the Eve team could have used the extra time waiting on screens to make sure sound, battery life, etc were rock solid to ensure a great customer experience, we’re basically getting what we paid for IMHO; so we should be satisfied. I am hoping by the time I get my unit, those issues will be solved and I will love it.


Personally, my favorite thing about Windows is the customizability, consistency, and stability. Macs are very fine tuned, but Apple also doesn’t like it when you mess with their OS. This also irritates me because MacOS is just a glorified Linux distribution, and Linux is meant to be fully customizable. The general problem with Linux, however, is inconsistency between distributions and the lack of stability.

I can understand the tough position Microsoft is in, many people wish Windows was more refined like MacOS, many wish it was more customizable like Linux; frankly, you can’t have both.

To all the Apple people getting a V, spend some time looking through the community about Windows customization and modification. They’re two very different OSs, and instead of trying to use Windows like you would a Mac, use it like a Windows nerd might :wink:


I definitely don’t expect Windows to be a Mac experience. However, With a near vanilla Windows 10 install on a SP4, the sound device seems to magically get disabled often, doesn’t wake up often w/o long press reboot, laggy cursor/mousing event handling… all trademarks of Windows. These are the basics IMHO. I’m a software developer, spent my early career in MS land, been in Linux/Mac land for the last 16 years, now trying Windows 10. I’m hoping the extra RAM in the V will solve some of the windows issues I experience; but a lack of polish on basic productivity apps really does kind of suck. MS shipping Windows defender malware protection w/o even providing signatures to authorize its own apps is another example of this kind of lack of attention to detail so common on Windows. Yeah, I’m glad I can tweak everything; but I’ll just run Linux if I need a full blown experience of that.


It may sound odd, but I would say this sounds more like SP 4 issues than windows issues. I have owned 5 computers with Windows 10, one Samsung laptop, two SP 4s (had the first one replaced due to hardware issues), a V prototype and a V and have used a number of others. I had the issues you describe, but only on my SP 4s, never on any other computer I’ve used.

I know it’s not a representative sample size, but my point is that you can’t judge Windows on what it’s like on a single or few computers, especially not a Surface, however odd that sounds.

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