Windows Customisation (Rainmeter)

Hey all,
Wanted to see if anyone in the community uses Rainmeter or something similar to customise UI. If you do show us your fav skins.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about check out these links.


Hey! I’m a rainmeter user, I’m currently using my own setup of various skins on both my desktop PC and my Surface Pro 3


The skins I’m using are the “Avengers”, “SystemInformation”, “Elegance2”, and “Honeycomb” skins

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Does this rainmeter thing can customize the explorer layout , for example : i’d like my explorer to be dark background, with white text (without affecting any other programs)

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Seems to be just working on your desktop(s), therefore no. However, at least in Win7, Windows had some theme engine. This should in theory be able to change the look of your explorer. (Or you just use another explorer, there are plenty for Windows.)

Hi ianseer,

I think ultrauxthemepatcher can do this for you.

Is rainmeter CPU intensive? Will it because a noticeable battery or performance drain?

I don’t think it’s that CPU intensive unless you load in alot of modules(like graphing and stuff), even then it should be neglectable. I can’t really confirm though, maybe check some rainmeter forums.

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I think last time i use this, it is affecting my other programs (Corel Draw if i remembered it correctly)

It’s not CPU intensive but as mentioned if you load in a billion things it might have a small impact.

It’s biggest impact was that before SSDs if you asked Rainmeter to load on boot, it would slow down start times. But since SSDs that’s not been a problem

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Yes! Rainmeter is my favorite. I run it on both my laptop and my desktop. I have to say that my favorite skin is techa, which I originally found in this list:


I’ve been using XMeters - Taskbar System Monitoring for a simple monitor in the taskbar

(CPU usage per core and network usage)


No doubt Rainmeter is my favorite one. Here’s my UI & some suggestions:


I’ve been customizing only my old XP machine, but that was so long time gone. After I’ve moved to Windows 8 I just hated it and used one of Task bar thingies. Now with Win10 I don’t care about customization anymore. I’m boring. I’ll look at Rainmeter later. May be I’ll be more creative with my V.

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I was using for some time but have seen battery drop and much higher ram usage and as all my laptops were pretty weak - 4gb ram and 3-5 h battery in normal conditions, I’ve stopped using rainmeter.

But when I get my V - I’ll maybe try one more time;)

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Well, I have found Best 20+ Rainmeter Skins of 2018 you just need to try these because these are the new themes of 2018.

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Best RainMeter Skins

Does anyone know if the stupid Windows 10 Tablet UI/Launcher can be disabled?

I have a nice Rainmeter skin going on my desktop, but I hate seeing that disabled when in Tablet mode. I do like some of the functions of the tablet mode. I just intensely dislike the flat windows UI that now sits on top of my nice Desktop.

Can I remove that while still being in tablet mode?

Yes, it is one of the best desktop customization program available for Windows operating system. The good thing about this program is that there are thousands of themes and skins available which one can use to give fresh look to their machine desktop.

While I was looking for best skins for myself I found the following blog post which has new skins which users should try in 2018.