Windows Crashing - fault of framework?

Hey guys,

at first I want to make a shout out to the support team, as they already fixed a huge problem from me with a very good outcome, but now I got another problem:
Like a couple of days ago I installed a NEF to JPG Converter, installed it and with it I also installed a net framework version.
After the installation and tries to get the program to work, my V crashed. Now I have the problem that it crashes again and again at random times. (Sometimes its a couple of hours, sometimes its after ten minutes. Mostly when I do something it doesnt crash, it mostly only crashes when the screen is on, but I dont do anything.)
Now I deinstalled the converter, but cant deinstall net framework on Win10 (?). The device still crashes.

Does anyone of you had a problem like that also? Are there already any fixes? What can I do without resetting the device?

If you need any more information, tell me.

Thank you in advance!

What build of Windows are you running?

Try going into Control Panel > Programs and Features > Installed updates and uninstall whatever updates you can, reboot when you need to, then let updates run.

Below the “Installed updates” there’s “Turn Windows features on or off” and the .NET frameworks are installed there, you can uncheck the boxes and restart to remove those, but you have to re-check the box to install it again.


i would also suggest using system restore, it will revert the pc to the snapshot date

Thank you for your answers guys! I turned net frameworks in that windows features off and now it works well again. No idea why the V crashes with framework.