Windows Brightness Control for Eve Spectrum?

Is there any way to control the brightness of the eve spectrum natively in windows or through some app?

Eve spectrum has a brightness setting via on screen command. (OSC)
If HDR is on. In windows display settings. Right within the hdr section you can adjust brightnes there as well via a slider.
Another way to change brightness is within nvidia control panel as well to change brightness.

on my current LG monitor the brightness is changed via this LG onscreen control app. I don’t have an nvidia GPU, is there and AMD equivalent?

Adjusting Display Brightness, Resolution and Refresh Rate | AMD

Twinkle Tray is a simple way for DDC/DI control of brightness.

There are other more advanced options that can do even more, but often they don’t map 1:1 on the respective feature name to the actual monitor reaction.

Also do not use TwinkleTray when in HDR mode. Brightness is intentionally not meant to be user changeable with HDR on, instead your nonHDR brightness tweaks coming from the “WIndows HD Color settings” page as LoneWolf was saying.

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I’ve been using Monitorian from the Windows Store which has been working great.

In case there are any Mac users here, Monitor Control is great: