Windows 10 Redstone 4 - tested on V?

Has anyone tested the Redstone 4 Feature Release on their V yet? (Currently you would need to be a Windows Insider to have already tested it).

You can proactively download on Apr 30 and its slated to appear via Windows Update May 7.

Details here:

Features here:

I personally always use Insiders builds on all my devices, and have had no problems. That said, pre-release software is pre-release software until it no longer is, so standard warnings apply.

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Thanks if you’re running on the Insider ring then you’ve already seen this build. So installing on or around the GA date of May 7th is lower risk.

Mark - who doesn’t run beta anymore

The only issue i have had is detailed in another post, namely, the CalMan software doesn’t seem to be working. But i found a workaround,


Danke. Question asked back on your original post. Thanks for acting as the canary.

Fingerprint scanner isn’t working for me…not sure if it is Redstone 4 update or not…was working fine before I updated.

I had issues with emulators thinking that I had hyper-v activated even though I had home edition. Random reboots. Ended up reinstalling windows

I did the upgrade to build 17134.1
Everything workes like a charm - including fingerprint sensor. Before the upgrade I installed the newest drivers offered on the Eve homepage. Only thing was a black screen after a restart. This was because of the reactivation of the quickstart feature found in the energy options. After deactivating it again no problems anymore.

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I have the same issue, contacted support three time now… no answer yet.

Is this the error you are getting?

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

Since Windows “Redstone” 4 went GA today I’ve asked support to test it. I would like them to reply here, if they don’t I will post their reply here. I’ve asked them to list what driver versions we need etc.

Updated today using Windows 10 Update Assistant - went smoothly. No issues with CalMan - working OK.


Tried to updated, get error after two hours downloading.
Internet provider says 1 mb download speed, Speedtest says 64kb :scream:
I’ll try tomorrow again.

Sorry to hear that - I’m on 315 Mbps download and 54 Mbps upload. Whole installation too about 40 minutes.

Help I’m stuck

Go to bios and reset the settings, should work after that


Just type exit and press enter. (Though for a more permanent solution, @inffy’s suggestion is the one)

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I’ve also installed the April update on my V. Everything went smoothly. Calman and fingerprint work fine. Didn’t install any special drivers beforehand.

This morning:
d o w n l o a d d o w n l o a d d o w n l o a d
restart install
restart install
critical process died
restart V
restoring your previous version of windows
Oh, thank you
question: Rant or restart download?
answer: Both
. . . . . … . . . . . … . . . . .:flushed: