Windows 10 Pro - retro installing

I have Windows 10 Pro. If I order with the basic Windows Home, what will be the implications of upgrading using my Pro product key. I have read somewhere there are implications for graphics.

There screen has been calibrated. The V uses intel graphics so that isn’t a problem but the V color calibration is stored in system files and you can do a backup and then restore it in the future. I would give you the link but that Would stop you from reading all the great info there is on the forum.

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I did read the post about the calibration but was surprised that a newbie would need to follow that route.

Is it essential? Would I realise something was wrong if I had not read and followed that post?

We discriminate equally. Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie!

If colour fidelity is not a super top concern, not really essential. The Vs screen is already pretty good, the calibration just makes it better.

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If that Pro key has ever been used (or came with a computer) it’s probably going to be hardware locked, meaning that Microsoft will not let you activate on any other machine.

It will only be used on the V, the previous machine being reinstalled with it’s original Home version. So, one machine, one key, that works?

You will need to call Microsoft support and tell them that old hardware has had that licence removed.