Windows 10 Cost


I’m wondering that did you already include the Windows 10 License cost in the price of Eve V or does it come free with the hardware? Because someone told me that Windows 10 License is never free. It always included in the price of the hardware. And it costs $100 or so to be installed on each machine, Is this right?


Vendors will be able to obtain a license for much less than the full retail price. Usually through partnerships/agreements/volume etc. The cost of the Eve covers the Windows 10 license.


Thanks for your answer, @anon17902044

Cost of EVE V covers Window 10 Home licence, Pro licence is US $50 extra.

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When you have to get it from the windows store it’s $99 ._.

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Which means if you want pro buy it as an extra with the V. I didn’t and regret that as bitlocker comes with pro not home!

You can buy a Windows 10 Pro upgrade key. I got mine for around £15 from a seller on Amazon.

This method has sometimes a ‘key not recognized’ fit.
Google for the right procedure!

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well… When you selected to buy with the V, but the system didn’t log it,and you weren’t charged for it…
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I bought the upgrade at $50 to basically support EVE, I could have bought an OEM licence for about £20 instead though…

Technically totally correct :face_with_monocle:, There are even less than 10$ keys on sale.
But getting those things working is sometimes quite cumbersome (experience of many).

Oh, forgot: some more info in the “Windows 10 Pro - retro installing” post

+1 to what @AML said
most of them will get you to Win 10 Pro, but whether it lets you activate is key

I’ve so far bought 2 Win 10 Pro licences from an outfit in the UK called SoftwareGeeks ( I’ve also recommend them to others who have done the same. Never had any issues.

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