Will there be further production of Eve V2 or a V3?

As per the header, is there more V in the future?

Hi @murdic,

Currently, there are no plans for more V’s in the future.

So Cas, does this mean since our Dec. 2020 V’s don’t appear to be built either, that we will never see them? We need some honest answers man, not dragging us out another year or more. If they are not building them now, and they obviously haven’t got any other V’s built already or they would have been shipped, that means us 2020 Preorders that have not received them are screwed, you have to make them be honest with us. Cause maybe they will trade for monitors with us? But Dough just can’t decide to just say we will screw the rest of the old V customers who never got theirs.


Hi there,

What I meant is that there is no plans to develop a new V since the development is currently focused on the Spectrum, which is the monitor lineup.

I can’t say much about shipment on V unfortunately at this stage.

Cas, can you even tell us if they are even fully assembled? Partially? Does Dough even have all the necessary pieces? And if not, what did they do with the cash we already paid and has long been gone from our accounts?
I remember somewhere a long time ago, seeing a pic you guys posted somewhere, right now it’s 3:18am and I need to sleep so I can’t hunt for it, but it show lots of cases and boards not fully assembled and I believe without the battery up against a wall and they had said something about being about finally assemble soon and begin to ship out and of course that was 1-1.5 years ago, I just don’t remember exactly.
I just am bothered that we are getting ZERO INFO and yet you have had all our money for around 1.5 years or more and we are entitled to an ounce of information. I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but if you don’t have any info, then I thing we are entitled to the name and address of a higher up person that we can correspond with. This has come to a point beyond absurdity that we cannot get anything more than the same exact reply sentence from your position level. I would think that there is some legal duty to give us a higher up contact person. Thank you for your time.

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+1 for this…

I have been waiting for a refund for my fully paid for EVE 2021 that I had to cancel because of how long it was taking to get it, and I had to replace it as a graduation gift.

I have asked several times via the Zendesk based customer support, and I keep getting the run around. From the responses I’ve received, the department that supports processing the refunds is/was in Ukraine. While I sympathize with the issues happening there, I can’t imagine that the company has not yet found some other way outside of the warzone to deal with this issue.

We need answers and most importantly, we need our money back.

Thank you for your attention to this.