Will the QHD 144Hz model be available in glossy coating?

Right now the product page only allows me to choose whether I want a stand, but not the screen coating like I could with the other models. It also doesn’t specifically say whether it comes matte or glossy, but given that glossy has an extra cost, I’m assuming that it comes matte.

So, will glossy be an option that will be available in the future? Thanks!

Also, apologies if this is the wrong category, I don’t seem to have permission to post anywhere but here.

Hi @tmerc,

Not a problem.

QHD 144 Hz glossy version has not been confirmed yet, we still don’t know if we will be doing a glossy version for the ES07D01.

I’ll pass this onto the team and get back to you.

Got it, okay. Thanks, @MarvyMarvz!