Will the Eve-V fit for my requirements?

Hello Community!

I follow the discussions here in the community now for about two weeks. That was the time where I discovered the Eve-V. Since then I am really a fan and excited to see this super device on the market.

Where I am skeptical is the specification of the cpus. I have no experience with this cpus and I want to use the eve-v to develop with visual Studio and IntelliJ. So that will be most of the time. Otherwise I will use the eve for University. That means Office, email, OneNote and that stuff. I know for all the Office stuff the cpu is good enough. I am just a little bit afraid that I will need a full i5 or i7 to work with it very good.

One of my colleagues are working with a Surface pro 3 and i7 cpu with visual Studio and it works good for him. Is it comparable to the i5 or i7 of the eve?

Hope you can help me a little bit with my fears of having too little perfomance.

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Mario from Austria/Vienna


Performance-wise we beat the SP4 i7, so compared to your mate’s SP3 i7 it should work well.
Keep in mind you can increase TDP if you want some more power (around 12-13W was the last stable level according to iKirin).


IMHO You don’t have to worry about CPU performance. I was working on VS and InteliJ on my 7yo laptop with Core 2 Duo CPU and 8GB RAM and it was fine. Comparing to SP3 it should be more performant, so for development and casual office use it would be great. Also, like @Tirigon said, increasing TDP will help if you would need even more computing power.


I as a developer and am looking for similar purpose, i.e. VS, SSMS etc, and guess V would work fine in terms of performance. I just wonder a bit of the keyboard is good enough for heavy-typing…


This is something where i dont see the problem for me. At home and University I have the possibility to use Keyboards … And I think when I am on the way and want to develop for that short time it will be okay …

Well, if the keyboard really isn’t for you there are many alternatives one can buy. I would not base my decision whether to buy the V or not on the keyboard …

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Though I have no concrete data supporting this, but I’m under the impression that any reasonable keyboard should satisfy your purpose.

What languages, sizes of projects and types of projects will you be working on?

For example, if you had a large C++ project with Visual Studio, you will be hampered by the low clock speed and core count compared to a laptop that has an i7-7700HQ.

Nope the keyboard is an absolute mess. Really, it’s fine as a temporary solution if you’re in a pinch, but for any kind of decent typing it’s a no go. I haven’t tried the Surface Pro keyboard - it might be even worse… But the V keyboard, IMO, is as bad as a laptop keyboard can get. That means really bad because I’ve never seen an actually good laptop keyboard to begin with…

I’m sorry @pauliunas but I wholeheartedly disagree with you.

I’m a guy that spends too much money on keyboards with mechanical switches (tactile ones without click = :heart:) and I honestly think the V keyboard is pretty decent.
Is it as nice as my mechanical boards? Nope, it’s not. But it’s on par with pretty much any notebookkeyboard I’ve used in the past 2-3 years and I’d put it in the ‘better’ part of the keyboards that I’ve tested in notebooks or similar devices.

But I think we’ve just got a very different opinion about keyboards because I hate writing on the regular desktop rubberdome keyboards - heck, I even had a nightmare recently that I was coding and had to use one of those default rubberdome keyboards for a day :joy:


well… provided it’s the same as the SP4 keyboard and your Vostro does indeed have the same one as my XPS had you should have a better one in your current device :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well then maybe my prototype was absolutely messed up… The tactile feeling was kinda off, didn’t always correspond to the actual actuation (no pun intended), the tactile feeling was harsh, and the whole wobbliness didn’t help either (although I could type without wobble when it was laying flat on a table).

My desktop keyboard is better in all the ways I can think of. I paid 15 euros for it if I remember correctly.

I also went to a big computer store and tried out all the laptop keyboards. Asus Zenbooks, especially the expensive ones, were probably the best I could find. Or no, Thinkpads were better. Thinkpads are king. (I hope that helps you understand what I consider a good keyboard).

And I haven’t even started talking about the layout. There’s so much wrong with it that I don’t have time to describe it…

@pauliunas also has experience on only earlier prototypes of keyboard, right?

To me the V keyboard was also more than enough.

Also good to keep in mind typing is a lot of our team members do too, as their work, and they’re content with it

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Actually I tried the V in the meetup few days ago. I used to type from macbook and thinkpad, IMO it is much better than the mac keyboard, and won’t worse than most other ultrabook keyboards you can found in the market. But I would totally miss my home/end keys… (it’s really important to programmers)


Is there not a function layer for home/end on the Eve keyboard? If not, you can use something like SharpKeys to remap keys or AutoHotKey to create a macro (e.g Alt + Right arrow) for End.

As far as I recall we’ve got the Home/End functions available as a combination of Fn+another button.

Bear in mind I don’t recall it right now as it’s been over 6 months since I last worked on those configurations and since then I’ve reprogrammed my personal keyboard quite a bunch of times to be fit for my personal use.

And since @anon17902044 just wrote, I think I recall that it actually was Fn+Right Arrow for End and Fn+Left Arrow for Home but please don’t quote me on that right now :smiley:

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FN + left/right arrow was decided on if I recall correctly.
It is one of the hidden functions though, which did not get printed on the keyboard (but still is available).

good to know! thanks guys, how bout page up/down then?

This was voted to go on arrow up/down (in combination with the FN key).
Same here, it also is a hidden function and you won’t see a print on the keyboard.

There is, but Fn is on the opposite side of the keyboard so you need two hands to press it. Really inconvenient. And the arrow keys are tiny.

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