Will the Eve V be able to run Adobe elements?

I’m going into uni next year and I’m interested in the eve v because it’s portable, has great specs, has pen support, and it seems like a great device for in students. However I’m going to be doing light video editing in uni (thinking about posting vids on vid.me for fun) so I’m concerned that the core i7Y won’t be able to handle video editing softwares like Adobe premiere pro. I’m wondering if I should get the hp Spectre x360 instead. It runs 7th gen core i5 and has 8gb of ram and 256ssd. It’s about ~$1000 which isn’t horrible and it also has pen support and a touchscreen and can go into tablet mode. Any thoughts or opinions?

The V should be able to run Premiere Pro, but you can’t expect it to play back 4k footage smoothly, it is a Y-Series Processor after all. That being said, it will do basically as good a job as most other laptops, given the great performance of the processor, especially the i7. For light video editing, you should be just fine!

I’ll be recording all my videos in 1080p because I can’t really afford a better camera so I’m guessing it should be fine for my videos then? If I want to watch a 4k video on YouTube will there be lag?

Well we dont have a 4k Display. But Streaming 4k content from YouTube should be fine

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Premiere Pro allows to work with proxies (they name it “Ingest”). You configure Ingest settings per project (e.g. lower resolution and codec better suitable for editing). When adding files to the project it opens Media Encoder to create proxies from the original video files. In every video window in Premiere you can instantly switch between original and proxy. So if you have time (for initial proxy creation) and space (for the proxy files) you should be able to edit high resolution videos.

But I don’t know if Premiere Elements supports working with Proxies.

[quote=“Lisa_Wang, post:1, topic:7147”]
so I’m concerned that the core i7Y won’t be able to handle video editing softwares like Adobe premiere pro.
[/quote] you should be fine with using V for video editing. In preliminary prototype testing by community members it was reported that V with Y series Core i5 and TDP up setting handled remarkably close to i7U devices. The reason why Y series got some bad rep in the past is because some OEMs in the past did not understand how to make the passive cooling right. But one for one Y are actually more advanced and more expensive than U chips and don’t have a howling fan :wink:

You should have no problem at all paying 4K footage (not on V screen as it’s less than 4K resolution), in fact even can run 2x 4K external displays if you want to.

Also for anyone who needs more computing oomph and yet wants the portability of V, you can also an external GPU attachment later on, if you you really need it.

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