Will rolling back to 102 help or shall I switch back to my old monitor?

Hi everyone! This is my first post - nice to meet you all.

I’m currently running 105, but unfortunately, like 104, I get frequent blank screens while gaming (e.g. Battlefield 2042) and occasionally while browsing the web too.

Going off of this post and a few others, my guess is that there is currently an issue with VRR on current Nvidia drivers with the ES07D03 (I have a 3080). My settings in Windows 10/Nvidia Control Panel are 3840 x 2160 at 144Hz, 10 bpc.

Will rolling back to 102 solve this issue (at the expense of coil whine in HDR)?
Or shall I just plug my old monitor in for now? There’s nothing more frustrating than having your monitor turn off in the middle of a multiplayer game or on a work video call!..

a lot of users went back to firmware 102 since it’s the most stable firmware to them at the cost for some coil whine. you can always go back to your old monitor until a new firmware update comes for the spectrum and hopefully fixes everyone’s reported issues.

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Thanks for your reply, LoneWolf.

I think I’ll rollback then. But first I’m going to see if I have any more luck on DP, rather than HDMI.


yes, its best to try a different certified cable to see if that helps. for me a lot of my monitor flickering and black screen was resolved just by changing hdmi cables to a certified hdmi 2.1 cable and trying different hdmi ports on my gpu.

Interestingly, I get no issues using my old DisplayPort cable.

But the HDMI cable I bought from EVE and plugged into HDMI-1 didn’t work… :grimacing: