Will pulling off the screen protector will damage the anti-reflect coating?

Hey guys, some of you are using screen protector for their V. Mine has none but i have a damaged anti-reflect coating (maybe from keyboard). Now I’m thinking about using a protector but however, there will be the day the protector looks awfull and should be removed from V. I’m afraid that pulling it off will damage the coating. My question to the screen protector user: Has any of you already removed the protector? Is your coating damaged from removing or looks everything fine?

I’m sorry, because automatic translation is sloppy English

There is no problem with silicone type or acrylic type adhesive materials used for recent protectors.
The pen input type tablet protector is a consumable item.
I think that it is better to replace it if it gets scratched.
Especially acrylic adhesive is difficult to peel off over time,
so peel off after 3 years of use.

The glass protector is hard to peel, but its strength is good.
I like the anti glare type but I could not find a type that fits the high definition LCD used for EVE.
I made it for high definition, but the coating was peeled off soon.

Be careful with dust when working.
I borrow and work on the company’s clean room.:grin:


I recently removed the screen protector that came with the V and replaced it with a new one. None of the screen coating came off in the process.


How long was it on your V?

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I don’t remember exactly but it was on for 6-9 months.


It was common problem for the Eve V anti reflective film to become damaged by the keyboard or peel off :(. I actually tried to get a replacement from Eve but they dragged their heels so long about it that I had to get a refund from my credit card company instead.

Have the same problem with keyboard scarctching the anti-reflective coating of the screen. Will directly applying a screen protector cover up the scarcthes? Or do I have to peel off the coating first before applying screen protector?

Don’t think it’ll cover up he scratches so that you can’t see them but it will protect your screen

It did for me. I don’t notice them at all with the screen protector on.

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You’ll actually won’t see original AR coating or holes in it through a screen protector. It completely negates that effect. So if your screen protector is not AR coated, V will become a mirror and you won’t see those holes. I’ve done it with an original protector, It looked horrible, but it was better than seeing those holes.


Strange that the Eve V screen would be scratched by the keyboard. It uses the same Gorilla Glass as a Surface Pro right ?

It’s not about the actual screen. In some cases it seems to scratch the antireflective coating, whichis not gorilla glass.


Weird Q here:
Can I peel AR coating off from V if is damaged appeared likes holes?

It may completely kill the AR feature BUT It saves lives for those graphic designers or someone obsessive. (which I am both)

If it can’t be peeled off, then the better choice is to keep it all safe. I just received my V with that screen protector, I would say that it’s a fragile air bub maker which worse the pen touch, but it really can protect anything from dust/kb

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I did not think it is a whole piece, but I found several interesting links when typing “can you peel off anti-reflective coating” in browser search window :wink:
I would NOT try it… rather put a screen protector on it…


I highly recommend that everyone just puts an aftermarket screen protector of their choice on the V. You’ll never have to worry about the AR coating again. There are several threads in the community about what people have used and liked.


I can only confirm that. If at any time my replacement device is delivered, I will immediately apply a separately purchased protective film. I don’t want to worry about the coating anymore.

I have created this topic to find out whether I can remove the protective film without hesitation if it no longer looks nice and the coating remains undamaged.

It would be useless to apply a foil, if the coating would be as damaged as from the keyboard.

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With all that I do not understand, why then have any coating, if it is “protected” (and canceled) by a screen protector?

I would like to see a glass screen protector with coating on it… why not? Or the coating on the back side where it touches the screen :smiley:

Why I say all that… I have a SP4 which I bought instead of being a V-backer. It has this glossy screen - unusable for outside in the sun… So I bought a matte screenprotector for it. I THINK I might have to replace it b/c it becomes ever more “whitish” by drawing on it.
Later I bought a Dell XP with coating… I tried it out outside and it is usable :slight_smile: I hoped that the V would be like this. (I bought the Dell way after I ordered a V in the FS - the Dell 15" being my regular computer, the V should be used outside like the SP now…)

Eve intended for the device to be usable without a screen protector if the customer choose. The AR coating issue was unexpected and unfortunately isn’t soemthing that can easily be fixed. It’s not ideal, I know, but it is what it is. The best option available is to use a screen protector that fits your needs.

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So I decide to get one brotect protector
Will do some reviews about it :thinking:

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Could someone paste in the email they received from Eve on the anti-reflective coating issue? I’m curious to see what the official word is on this. Thanks.

The main problem is that the keys are not recessed enough in the keyboard (and have pretty sharp corners), so when the keyboard is pushed against the screen in its closed position, any movement between the keyboard and screen causes the screen to be scratched.

However, it’s not just the V with this problem. I’ve seen reports of other detachables having the same issue.