[WIKI] Post deals found on external drives or microsd cards here

Since the 1tb upgrade is out of reach for some (myself included) I thought I’d start a thread where we can post any great deals we find online for either external drives or microSD cards.
Please post only good deals, not just every card you think is suitable. We’ve had plenty of discussions on what drives or cards we should buy, this one is focused on getting us one at a good price.

Please try to make a note of where the deal applies (ie if it is EU only) and any special reasoning that makes it a good buy.

Also, please note of it is a limited time deal.

External Drives

  • What : Crucial MX300 1TB
    Price : ~$280 with enclosure
    Where : Amazon Int

  • What : SanDisk 1TB Ultra 3D NAND SATA III SSD
    Price : ~$285 with enclosure
    Where : Amazon Int



  • What : Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth 256GB USB 3.0
    Price : ~$145
    Where : ncix.com

As I already posted 1 TB Crucial MX300 + enclosure- disk is for about $280.


SanDisk 1 TB - $285


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Can you repost the link? Just to try to keep them all in the same place. Thanks!

256gb flash USB3.0 for CA$145 + 12% tax


May I suggest you make your post a Wiki? So people can add and remove their suggestions - less work for yourself :slight_smile:

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Done! Please edit as you see fit!

@mlivesey edited the title so people know it’s a wiki, hope you don’t mind

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Costco (USA) , 2TB, $84.99

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