[WIKI] - Fantastically outdated collection of answers to questions about the V

Audio drivers that make things a lot better are now available!


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The V is exactly what the team promised - just some bugs that need to be addressed in a day 1 patch.

I think having everything all over the place is just making things appear worse that it really is. Let’s work together and the make this the go-to repository for any questions you ever wanted to ask of someone who already received their V!

Summary of common observations made by reviewers

  • Good Build
  • Good Screen (for finger swipey)
  • Good Display (for eyeballs)
  • Great Performance
  • Power button a little hard to find but Windows Hello is SWIFT.
  • Typing experience pleasant enough
  • Alcantara more fabrick-y than was expected
  • Trackpad works fine, but top half doesn’t click
  • Pen is nothing to write home about
  • Battery life not 12h - (needs more info)
  • Sound is awful - See below

Summary of common observations made by community members

  • Great packaging! Really, it’s very minimalistic and yet elegant. Well done whoever did this :wink:
  • Upper USB-C port a bit loose, so cable doesn’t fit as tightly as on lower port.


Did I make a mistake buying the V?

A: No, its a perfectly decent device and i’d say you got more than your money’s worth!

Q: Whats up with the audio? Is it really that bad?

@Artur_Jedrzejewski touches on speaker and headphones
Extremely handsome fellow adds feedback on his Vs audio performance
Eve Team acknowledging they are aware of the audio issue and a quick explanation

Q: Is the stylus really that bad?

@anon99772972 gives his inital impression of the V pen
@anon99772972's follow up comparison of V pen, Bamboo Stylus and Surface Pen
@Helios comments on using the pen on the display as a whole

Q: How about the palm rejection?

Possible workaround to palm rejection problem

List of software improvement suggestions


Other V birds, feel free to add yourself if i missed you.

people of indeterminate processing power: @s.auler @anon99772972 @Artur_Jedrzejewski
@mlivesey @Constantine @Scuff @Jimmy_White @funknflex @PBem @ToiletSheep

m3   @

i5   @

i7   @Wickedly @Thospa @iKirin @Hige

A couple of benchmarks

How is the pen working, for note taking? Is bad palm rejection a problem?

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palm rejection is mostly a problem of the user, not the pen and not the digitizer…


How should the pen be used properly then? :slightly_smiling_face:

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You get used to it to first set the pen to the display and then the palm. Releasing is the other way round. First lift the palm, then the pen…

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OK - so moving this thread here: is the sound bad only through speakers or also when listening on headphones?

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Just checked - i’d say the audio output from the 3.5mm is acceptable. Not great, but acceptable. Speaker audio is terrible, USB output is normal.

Yeah, i can’t really tell for certain if its caused by the same thing, but the 3.5mm output is definitely lacking something.

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Did you use a Surface product before? I don’t want to miss this feature. I used the V today for taking notes at my courses and its very annoying that its zooming in and out when I rest my palm on the screen. Do you think this can be software-fixed in the near future? Or do I have to deactivate the touchscreen in the device manager in order to write “normally”?

hey, i personally dont have any experience with the stylus and it is unlikely that i will using it for any heavy notetaking, but these guys might have some helpful info:

drop a reply to let us know if this was helpful or if gave you arthritis

P.S. i will not be held responsible if you really do get arthritis k. go look for one of the other guys.

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You can make your thread a Wiki for everyone to scrabble around in @Wickedly . Just use the options at the bottom of your first post (the jaw spanner). Everybody can add questions and answer them, saving you a lot of work :slight_smile: and I really appreciate the thread! Good idea!

DUDE i was actually looking for that, i was beginning to think might have imagined it! i literally was about to ask @Helios if he could make it a group post thing. why did nobody mention this earlier, jeez, dude i love you :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Ok kids, i’m off for now, please ask any questions you want answered, and someone will come along with an answer and then we’ll add that to this glorious wiki of ours.

we’ve got decent selection of people and interests so lets make this good!


what happened to that DAC thingy? isn’t it suppose to sprinkle magic fairy dust on the speaker/headphone jack and make your ears cry with joy? I’ve yet to see any mention of any DAC in all these reviews

Yes. I have a SP3. I do a lot of writing and scribbling there. But with a SP4 pen. Will check the differences between the devices an the pens when my HEB Vilma arrives today…


bump for new name. AND GLORY!

edit: HOLA friends, i have a 21:9 monitor too so i know exactly what you’re thinking: “what, are you saying that i can’t use any hdmi cable, i have to use a special hdmi cable?”

basically, yes. Give me a bit and i’ll round up some answers.

I already read this threads, I hope it’ll be fixed soon. But thx anyway!

Happy to answer some Qs here, although the V I got seems to have been a defective model, so like my view of certain elements wouldn’t be very representative for others I think.

If you could summarise the problems you encounter ed maybe in a time line style, we can add that anyway in anyway. It’s still a V heb experience.

Hey @Wickedly, could you test one thing? During development it was said that alt+f4 (or other combinations with ctrl, alt, shift) would always close a window (or work as that key combination), no matter if fn lock is on or off. Was that implemented?

In other words: do these key combinations work if fn lock is active and a single press of f1-f12 triggers their media functionality?

  • Alt+F4 to close window
  • Ctrl+F5 in browser for full reload (without cache)

Just two examples. Thank you very much.

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I have my V since this morning and am happy with it except a few things. One of them is the pen. Every time I want to start writing it has an input lag. Especially when I hold the pen not completely vertical to the display. Additional to that the palm rejection is a problem even though I’m used to write on a tablet.

For me the writing and drawing with the V-Pen is not much fun so far. I will test the Bamboo Ink but I really hope the whole pen experience can be improved over time. The main reason for me to buy a V was for note taking.

Now I tried the Pen again and it was much better. Sounds strange but I think at the first time I tried it were maybe some background tasks running which were responsible for the lagging. I will use it every day next week and then I can say how properly it works.