Why would I buy the Eve V if this deal is out there?

So there’s a Black Friday deal on Bestbuy. The Surface Pro I5 model and it comes with a keyboard all for a total of $899. This is a much better deal than the Eve V i5 deal so is there going to be a discount for that?

  • I would get the Surface Pro
  • I would stick with the Eve V

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Anything Windows with 4 GB RAM doesn’t deserve more than $600 of your money, because it will be obsolete in less than 2 years, if it isn’t already.


While this does look like a very good deal (I believe this: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/microsoft-surface-pro-with-black-type-cover-platinum/6111211.p?skuId=6111211 is what your referring too), I would still take the V because:

  • Pen Included
  • Bluetooth and multiple backlight colors in keyboard
  • Double the RAM (compared to base Eve V i5)
  • Double the Storage (compared to base Eve V i5)
  • Double the USB A ports
  • USB C and TB3
  • Higher resolution screen
  • Dedicated DAC
  • Quad speakers

AND the eve community!!!


If you think the Surface can fulfill your needs, go for it. Personally in this day and age I would never buy a laptop without Thunderbolt 3 and Type-C charging.


Windows has better QC. They also got a good track record with their warranty service. Eve V is a good product but we dont know the quality and after care. Reviews have been mix for V but overall, a good outlook for V.


How do they have better QC if we haven’t seen Eve’s yet?
We know Microsoft’s and it is the worst of all the main brands.

That being said I think this is a hard question. I’d choose V for the Pen being included and The extra 4gb of ram while the price is lower. Really tempting tho, especially considering that Eve is still an unknown.


Yes Microsoft has pretty bad record with all Surface lines. On the other hand they have (at least in US and Canada) great record with warranty exchanges and customer service.


Even for sub-$600 budget models, any 4GB computers that doesn’t have an SSD would simply offer awful experience now. This applies to simple workloads such as web browsing and hanging out on Facebook.

With a reasonable SSD, 4GB is tolerable for basic media consumption, word processing, basic spreadsheets, web browsing (at least for now).


Im not sure about you guys but i have seen video reviews of MS, some reviewers post updates after a year or two (sp4). They seem satisfied.

"How do they have better QC if we haven’t seen Eve’s yet? "

So far for V, we have seen reviews with mixed feedback. Battery life/speakers/screen bleeding etc. MS who has been creating surface for few years VS Eve V with mixed reviews so far. (i know Eve sent some cosmetic or minor fault device to reviewers, but i dont think Eve knew what was up with half the problems reviewers discovered.)

you basically pointed out what i tried to say. A start up with no track record of QC or after care. I probably could have reword it better but i think you get my point.

P.s there was a post about Reviewers having wrong screen calibration and only was discovered from reviewers themselves. i wouldn’t call that great QC.


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4gb RAM… seriously? My $200 Chuwi has 4gb RAM.
get at least 8gb if you plan to multitask at all, or if you plan to use chrome.
I think I BSOD-ed quite a few times and the display driver crashed a few times simply from running out of RAM.

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In my opinion
Nobody should buy a laptop, tablet, PC running Windows with less than 8 GB of ram.

I am working with windows since windows 3.11. RAM is more important than CPU clock speed. Low ram slow SSD or HDD and you won’t have fun with windows and the device.


Thunderbolt is why I’m picking the Eve V over the Surface.

4GB RAM (plus the failure rate of the Surfaces lately) just isn’t enough for that price. There are plenty of computers with bare minimum specs for far less, and they’ll work probably just as well.

I do agree that 4GB RAM (even with an SSD) just isn’t enough for Windows 10, and manufacturers really don’t like going above 8GB sadly, and that should be the bare minimum anymore. Eve did this, which is fantastic!

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I’m not too impressed by Microsoft pricing for their Surface line (except perhaps Surface 3) as they are gunning for Apple price level. If you are happy with the Black Friday deal, then it is for you.

Disclaimer, I am not a backer simply because I am not in the market for a 12" 2-in-1 Windows, I have my reliable Toshiba Portege. Nevertheless it would have been a different story if Eve decided for 10-11 inch back then (or even maybe in the future I may be interested).

In my personal humble view, for people based outside N.A and Europe (like I am), Eve V has good value proposition (back then it was great value).

So go buy a Surface Pro and stop trying to get a deal here. Have to say I got rid of mine some time ago to get the Eve V.

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In the end the decision is totally yours.

You must take into consideration the extras with the V, Its history making background and specifications.

Other than that - You decide!

Good luck and be happy with YOUR choice.

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You say…
I agree with @Patrick_Hermawan and @Skimaster… V-i5-256GB-8GB offers more, technically.
Actually, I would say a better comparison would be with the V-m3, which actually comes $100 cheaper! :stuck_out_tongue:

So the real question, for me, would be: Why would you buy the SP when Eve V is IN HERE! :grinning:


Depends what you wanne do with it, if it is a good deal or not.

For me the Surface doesn’t have enough connection Options.
Also the V has the better Screen which is much more optimized for color.
And overall the V just brings the better package.

This, just to name a few things nobody has mentioned.

I’ve working on surface 4 pro.
For me the most killing feature (which is very hard to get on surface) is keyboard. I really miss pin/bluetooth keyboard.

Why? because it is uncomfortable to use pen on surface when keyboard is pinned. And for longer time it is not comfortable to use Surface without keyboard.

That is why I’ll chose Eve V over Surface for sure:slight_smile: