Why this industry is BROKEN?

Hi there!

It’s Friday evening here in Helsinki and relaxing weekend is ahead. I decided to write this short post just to tell you why I personally think that consumer electronics industry is full of miserable devices and bugs!

In my view biggest problem is:

Smart devices are designed by people who don’t use them! Most likely the device you use to read this forum has been designed by dudes who use Macs and IPhones. When you ask them why they don’t use their own products you would hear a reply :“I am not the target user for this stuff” Very often big company would spend month trying to figure out what “consumer” needs and doesn’t in a smart device. Oh god, they spend millions on that yearly, they could use that money for development! While product owners, designers and the rest of management team says: “We CAN’T design products based on what we feel is right, we are not the target audience! If we think this device is crappy it doesn’t mean that there is no market for the s*#t we are creating! On the contrary, have a look at our market research! Our focus groups and surveys tell that this is exactly the type of stuff normal user needs” - Bullshit!

And then you order that device because they got you with their marketing lies. You’ve spend a lot of money for it that was so hard to earn and all you get is device that doesn’t make any sense! It is full of problems, flaws and compromises (just like 1300 eur Lenovo MIIX 700 I bought for testing purposes and wrote this post with. It has some horrible issue with the keyboard that it disconnects every 10 seconds)

I can’t imagine a target user who would say : “I don’t want good screen. I prefer to have light leaks in my devices! I think buggy software is cool! I love to overpay for marketing effort you guys did! Great job! Keep it up!” - individual like this doesn’t exists!

As the co-founder of this company I believe that when you build a product, it should be so good that you would use it yourself instead of anything else! I am a tech geek, I am passionate about hardware and good design. And I would hate myself if we would build a device that we wouldn’t WANT to use. In many gaming companies you can’t get a workplace as a developer no matter how talented you are unless you are gamer yourself. Many amazing hotels are founded by people who have traveled a lot, had amazing experiences and would like to share them with others! Same goes for good restaurants, clothes, etc. Why can’t it be like that in electronics industry???

Well, the answer is quite easy! Entry barriers in this industry are crazy! Apart from devices being technologically sophisticated, investments that are required for mass producing the product are ginormous! Most of the best known electronics brands are established by guys who are coming from either distribution or manufacturing background. There are no tech enthusiasts in this business (apart from apple to some extend).

That’s why Eve community exists! It exists to make sure that we build a product that ALL of us here will be happy to use. By succeeding with Pyramid Flipper we will start bringing change to this industry and companies that won’t adopt “User First” approach will go out of business!

I am happy to be among so many amazing people in this community!

Start the revolution!


Amen to that. I’ve been looking for a new tablet for a year now, and haven’t found anything. Every single tablet that has fit my requirements also has some stupid flaws, limitations or bugs. They also cost a fortune.
It feels like the companies making these devices don’t even care what kind of crap they pump out.


Thank you for your support! Together we will make a difference!

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Especially now that so many more new guys joined :smiley:

Try to advertise more your project! I only heard about it with a post from Windows Central one or two days back. Try to get people informed about this project and I’m sure it will have even better results. Continue up with the good work!

Thank you for your support! We are now starting to raise more awareness about it! What places would you like to see our project covered in? As we really don’t want to advertise with googleAdWords:)

If you have any great ideas on how to promote it feel free to share!
Also feel free to invite your friends with invite function of our community.

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I have already shared the site with my friends! One thing you could do is to contact tech sites and ask them to do an article about the “pyramid flipper”.

Cheers! We are working on this one already :)!

Ok! Continue with the good work!
P.S. Maybe you could also mention my idea (Eve’s Surface Phone) :wink:

Ahhhaahah! I like your enthusiasm!

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@Konstantinos I totally hear the cry of your soul over this :joy:
One thing I wanted to add to your original post which I never understood is why those people who develop the crappy hardware even bother to invest in it in the first place. They just must hate their own money and time if they are so willing to throw it out on the crap that will never sell.

Take Lenovo Miix 700 - they must’ve sunk many many millions into R&D and marketing, yet they didn’t even bother to look around at existing products. Miix 700 sucks compared to SP3 not even SP4. If feels like they spent 50% of R&D time on that hinge, then 20% on the rest of the build and abandoned the whole thing half assed @ 70%. Battery sucks, keyboard and trackpad suck ass, and don’t you dare to twist that thing. But the best is how could they leave out backlit keyboard on a $1K+ device that is meant to go on planes, trains etc.

Or the newest Samsung Tab Pro - yet again another device that had no keyboard back-light

Well, I don’t know, for me, keyboard backlight is a waste of money… It’s just another lamp shininh in my eyes that distracts me from what I’m doing. I can type with my eyes closed even faster than if I’m looking at the keyboard. I usually look at the screen to notice any typos… So, I’m always deliberately looking for keyboards without backlight, not to waste my money on something I don’t need. I understand your frustration if you really need that feature, but don’t make it into something “weird” to not put a backlight in a product. Not all people want it, not all people like it. I’m always thankful to manufacturers who don’t include it. It’s like a 5th leg for a dog, IMO.

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It must be like less than a $1 to add that feature and I was able to shut it off on all laptops that had it. So no it is not a waste of money or a distraction, because you can use it on demand. And while I do type not looking on the keyboard, it becomes a little challenging for example on the plane to just put you hands in the right position without seeing anything or use the keyboard for other things like navigating, or playing or trying to adjust volume etc.

I’ve tried using a friend’s laptop one time, and I had to disable it by changing the brightness 3 times, every time I turned it on. As you can imagine, I wanted to throw it out the window after 3 restarts…

Hear you pain, but then again it is just a poor execution for that particular laptop. All laptops I’ve used actually have it off as a default and you can turn and adjust as needed. On SP4 it also must have like 10 levels of adjustments, with lowest of which you would probably like. It shines so little that you can only see small glow in total darkness

Maybe… But usually, a backlit keyboard costs $20 more than the same model without backlight… So it ought to be more expensive than $1. Don’t forget the special kind of keys they have. And when comparing prices, I’m not talking about a known brand. I took some chinese crap like Hama as an example, so there’s no marketing here… And of course the big laptop brands do put a lot of effort into their marketing, so the price difference becomes even more evident. That’s why I dislike backlit keyboards in laptops, but I don’t mind having it in PF, if it costs less than $2 and can be disabled by default, lol.

BTW, there’s a no swearing policy here, just thought you might want to know. Imagine there are 5 y/o kids here ;D

When the community is doing it’s best to make the dream device, I don’t think swearing is going to help any bit. It only causes confusion and anger, in my opinion.
If one wants to swear, there are thousands of unproductive forums to join.
My backlit keyboard is turned off by default, and I think it is quite inexpensive to implement.

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@Ivan_Lazarenko keyboard backlight all the way! I really hate to use keyboard without backlight in the night time. As for the costs, good backlight adds around 10usd to the price of the keyboard. As for.the lenovo Miix 700 I totaly agree with you. I have actually reviewed it some time ago. You can see the thread here [FLY OR DIE] 1.3k Eur LENOVO MIIX 700 Review & Discussion

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haha I like this one and 100% agree :smiley: we should have this in our rules one day when we have them