Why Firefox on some devices slower, on some faster....?

I wonder why my Dell XP is so slow on Firefox and the V and the Lenovo are fast… The Dell XP is an 7595 and should not have (does not otherwise) have any issues… I have always latest updates of Firefox on all devices… When I type in the Dell liek I do here, it lags behind, and when I scroll it lags behind… it is so tiresome… does anybody have a suggestion? The V and Dell have W10 prof…

The latest version of firefox 67.0 is faster than the previous versions 60.xxx.
Do you have the same versions on your computers?

they update at the same time, yes.

Most likely reason is hardware acceleration aka GPU rendering.

Easiest solution is perhaps to try another browser. Life is too short to treat web browsers like religions.


:smile: no, no religion. Just was wondering about the WHY, why is it like that. But your explanation makes sense.
Switched to Chrome on the Dell… very fast… couldn’t believe my eyes…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::slightly_smiling_face:

I meant XPS… it’s as new as the V…:upside_down_face: