Why did I buy an i7 - Am I stoopid?

Have I been really dumb?

Is the only difference between the i7 and i5 really .1 GHz?

I bought the i7 thinking it’d be better for photo editing and mostly for the hard drive capacity but is there anything I’m missing that makes the i7 an actual worthwhile purchase?

I think it’s been said in a couple of reviews that the cpus throttle pretty quickly anyway so the i5 is =/= i7 anyway most of the time?


Look here:

In their test i5 is equal to i7. With standard TDP no throttling, with custom TDP throttling like a Surface Pro.

PS: You know our community - never ask such a question out in the wild :stuck_out_tongue:


remind me please, V i7 is on 4W or 13W in standard? Where can we change this for this max “legal” power?

You can change it in XTU (an intel app that gives you control for overclocking or undervaluing et al)
Supporedt it is up to 7W tdp

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Some say standard is 4.5W, others 7W, I have no idea.
But you can increase it to whatever you like; 12W was some kind of sweet spot according to Peter.

I think you mentioned that in the other thread that the main reason you bought the i7 for the added storage. If thats the case, youre not “stoopid”, youre just the victim of a company not having the capacity to cater to every single person needs.

Onto the technical stuff:
The i7-7Y75 is rated at 3.6 GHz turbo vs 3.2 GHz for the i5-7Y54. That is over 10% difference and that would definitely be noticeable. After around half a minute (customizable in XTU?), both models will throttle to 7W power limit. The speed that can be achieved within the 7W limit varies from unit to unit. Intel guarantees 1.6 GHz (base clock), but nearly all units, if not all can get to at least 2 GHz. Anything above that is pure lottery.

Unlike what most people believe, burst performance (turbo clock) is arguably more important than sustained load performance (base clock), as most tasks are burst-y, where there is a large amount of work to do for a short time, followed by low or no CPU load. Apart from games and rendering, I couldn’t think of any non-burst-y loads.

I dont know where your .1 GHz comes from


Be reminded about voiding of warranty…I think straight out of box is 7.5w.

If you boost the TDP any higher you void the warranty of V. Correct me if i am wrong.

So really, your stuck with 7.5W, the default setting from the box.

7W. Otherwise you’re correct :slight_smile:


i7 also has a slightly faster GPU.

I believe a bigger cache and of course the RAM benefits as well

The i7, i5 and m3 all have the same amount of cache. The i7 gets you a higher turbo speed (which lasts you about 30 seconds) and a higher base speed. That’s pretty much it.

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They have all the same iGPU.

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In terms of model, yes.

The one on the i7 however, if I’m not mistaken works at a slightly faster frequency, making it a bit faster than the version on the i5, which in turn is slightly faster than the one on the m3.

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Y, right the max dyn. Frequency of the i7 is 55mhz higher then the one in the i7.
That’s not slightly faster, that’s non existently faster.

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Turbo speed under load is higher, isint it?

It’s about iGPU clock, not CPU.
Turbo has no influence on this.

950MHz to 1050MHz is a 10.5% speed increment. Say what you want but to me 10% definitely counts as “slightly”.

Have a nice day.


i don’t think non existential means what you think it means.

P.S. the i7 is scientistically $350 better.


According to google, given the context in which it was used (that is: not philosophy), the definition appears to be “affirming or implying the existence of a thing”. In other words it means that to you said speed increment does not exist.
But feel free to correct me. English is not my native language after all and I’d be more than happy to learn something new.

“scientistically” on the other hand seems thrown there just to show off that you know that particular word, as a much better fit in that phrase would have been “technically” or “theoretically”. But again, feel free to disprove me.

I can’t help but notice, however, that your nickname is “wickedly”. You really seem to like words ending with “ly”. Could it be that I just annoyed you because I wrote “slightly”? Or, more simply, you don’t like when someone can back with data an opinion different from your own, proving you wrong?


Around 110 better, not 350…compared to i5