Why are you so passive in the community?

Hey folks, more and more often I read comments of “new” members writing about being passive or writing nothing here for months. Why? Just raise your voice because we need every single point of you for being awesome. This should be a thread for all the silent users to show up with their first, second or third comment without the need to create a new topic. Please don’t care about translation issues if you are not a native english speaker. I don’t have exact numbers but i guess 80% here are not english mothertongue. Me too as you can see… Just write some sentences why you are here, what you like and what you dislike in the community, about eve, about the V … And fill this community with love!!!


Let me raise my voice as well! :slight_smile:

I’ve been community manager for over 1 year at this point, and I’ve heard from many people that work as community managers or similar positions that they start to loathe their work after the first year - however I don’t.

Because I get to work with so many amazing people in this community - yes sometimes I get a tad annoyed when people ask for updates 1 minute after it turns the day we said we want to update, but it’s just incredible to see so many great kind people in one place :slight_smile:


Hey there

For me my passiveness is similar to my behavior with my friends. They write an interesting question or statement. I am very much intrigued and feel the need to think about what they said. I cannot just fast shoot an answer. Therefore, I postpone the answer until I have more time…, which is never. :confused:
Same thing here. The Donald Dock is so very interesting! The updates from the manufacturing process have lots of insight… but I will not find the time for a “real” comment. So at most, I throw likes at what other people said and on a good day write a thumbs up and how happy I am with everything that is happening here.

That’s me :slight_smile:


Well… When I don’t have anything to say… like nothing of real interest or nothing more than what has been previously said by someone else… my policy is just to keep my mouth shut or more specifically here my fingers still.


Same answer as you!
I only speak when I have something that has not been said.


This may be a bit stupid but, for me, at the beginning, it was a question of “am I a part of the community, or not?”. As I wasn’t (and still am not) sure if I would be buying a V at all, I didn’t feel entitled to join the discussions.

Then I realized I was wrong, so if someone is not writing for a similar reason, here is my take: there is no fixed, unique limit between being part of community or not, but more like a gradient. Even unregistered silent following is already a way of being in a community. So is being registered and adding likes from time to time. And so is commenting on every single post and never leaving a reply without another reply, like some people do here :laughing:

So if you feel like commenting, just do it. No matter if you are just repeating something that has already been said, or saying something that goes against everything that has been said before.

That said, almost every community I know has only about 10% active users, and less than 3% really proactive ones. It’s like a pyramid where the top level of engagement may have just 5-10 users in a community of thousands. (Just took those % out of my mind, from my experience, don’t take them too seriously).

Edit: Maybe the pyramid is not the best metaphor here. It’s more like concentric circles of engagement, where the innermost and smallest one contains only a handful of people, and where being on a certain circle depends only on you.


Because I have nothing to say :slight_smile: I’m just enjoying reading news or subject about technologies or the futur of eve here :no_mouth:


This and also threads also got a lot more repetitive since the delays and I’m less active because of that. It’s like watching a tv series and 75 out of 100 episodes are fillers


I think (at least I hope) that all those people will speak up when the team has an actual question to them :slight_smile: Like the next product.


Just check the Donald Dock discussion thread. We don’t need just likes. If people say there the same 100 times it means this could or should be the best way to go…


I’m a passive reader in the eve community since end of 2016.
Luckily I was able to buy my EB i7 V in august 2017! :heart_eyes:
I love the high-level discussions as they take place here :slight_smile:
It is very pleasant, that the members inform themselve before they post something.
In my opinion, as @VK_Friedrich said, it keeps the discussion cleaner, when everybody who wants to say the same as already mentioned by another user just klicks the like button it is clearer what the thread is about and user who can’t be present in the community all day long are able to follow the discussion.


I’m mostly passive reader because:
(1) There are many redundant threads (asking stuff that has been answered about 100 times before etc)
(2) Many threads are so unorganized, they contain 2-3 different conversations mixed and I really have not the time and motivation to splitt them in my mind and read them all.


I don’t really have to say/add anything either. I don’t consider myself a part of the twitter generation/attitude. On the other hand I search the forum for various things, i.e. port or monitor replicator and find all my answers. Same for the production updates.

While I have been involved in the community for less than two months, I have found a great group of members that have made me feel welcome from the beginning! I think the biggest reason I may not add as much to the conversation as others is because my thoughts and ideas are frankly shared by others, and I don’t want to continue spouting the same thing as everyone else. Whenever my thoughts aren’t being conveyed, that’s when I pipe in. I am nowhere near as tech-savvy as many of you, only savvy by association! :rofl:
I will say that in this short timeframe, I really have come to appreciate many of you and have enjoyed your thoughts of view. Even when we don’t get along, I still appreciate that we can mediate this to where we can still talk after we cool off.


I’m passive readet because I like to read different threads in eve community . I don’t have anything to tell to add for the community so I just read passively. Also I’m just enjoying just to read news or update in the eve’s technology.

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I couldn’t agree more! In the past I was probably the most active person in the community outside Eve team obviously (and maybe @pauliunas :sweat_smile: ). Then came indiegogo and then the coverages by Linus etc and I lost myself in between. So many threads, so much repeated information. There are amazing threads and posts for sure. But many times they are like hidden gems. With university, I have little time to read so I basically only read (and perhaps post if I think is relevant) the posts related with the projects we have at hand.


I’m silent because I’m not so happy. When I ordered my heb i7 in 2016, I was expecting it to receive at february 2017.
At this moment I’m waiting for more than 1 year after ordering.
Good reasons or not good reasons for this endless delays, it still sucks. I was in need for an ultimate tablet/laptop end of 2016, so I calculated some delay, but more like days/weeks, than months and months and months…
I don’t want to interrupt the good work of all the eve guys by infecting others in the community with my sour pain of not endlessly getting my eve…
I’d rather cry in tears in my own, until the postman will make my day after all <3 …


One part of my point here is caused by this question:

How is @Xinjie counting the different preferences in development thread? Only comments about something or the likes at these comments or both? Because there are often likes for comments of people I never seen commenting something. But if Xinje does only count comments to preferences the likes of these people wouldn’t count… So they have to comment even it is already said…

If one insists on his opinion there is often another who tries to change it. If there are ten who have the same opinion the one would maybe think twice…

I know, it’s a little bit philosophy… But the opinion of the “only readers” should count, too. Not only by “likes”, by opinion…


…why say/ask something if it has already been said/ask…
If I have a question nobody asks, I will ask.
In addition, there are always inhibitions because of the Gramatik.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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can you clarify what you mean by this? I thin I know but want to be sure. :slight_smile: