Why are people so worried about SSD size?

I mena I was nder impression that extending SSD size is easy and cheap in more then 1 way:

  1. You can get SD Card up to 256 GB

  2. You can put an USB stick & since EVE V has so many USB porst you wouldn’t even notice that 1 is missing. An they crete these hings now so that they don’t stick to much so it can be there permanently.

  3. You can get external SSD and connect it over USB.

  4. You can get cloud storage (slowest option)

And I think that all of these aproaches are much cheaper then going from M3 to i5.
All are great options if you need more space for images, video, music and so on.
But I am not sure if it is OK to install a game on SD Card and then run it from there.
I would assume loading times might be slower but once the game is loaded into memory you shouldn’t notice much difference.

In conclusion I would say that extending SSD as statted above should be OK for most users and most scenarios for which Eve V is designed.


The Micro sd card is a Bit slower.

Ssd or m2 are up to 6Gb/s and more

An Micro sd cards : 100 mb/s.

And for example : Dishornored 2 uses 50GB space


Well, I think as you suggested, performance is probably the main reason for most folk… although, it’d make little difference for things like Pictures/Videos and, certainly, music.

Also, I’ve always been a little worried about someone stealing external storage. Turn your back for 2 seconds and someone could quickly pinch your SD or miniature USB storage… and it would probably take you a while to notice!

Also, an incentive to go for the larger sized SSD’s over the smaller is performance. Pretty sure the new 1TB out performs the 512 (though I’m not sure there’s a difference below this level).

For many, it’s just the convenience. Saving files anywhere other than the desktop is too much effort for many people (personally I believe using file directories to organize data is something that should be taught very early in school; also how to google a problem and actually read the solutions).

One of the other reasons is program files/operating systems. If you want to dual boot or run VMs, you’ll need a lot of hard drive space. A lot of programs/games can take up a ton of space too, and those aren’t things you would want to run from external storage at all (unless TB3).

I think a lot of people will use the MicroSD for expandable storage, but keeping a USB drive inserted most/all of the time can be a bit of an inconvenience, and also run the risk of damaging the port should the device be hit or dropped or something.

128GB-512GB are the exact same Intel SSDs, and have roughly the same performance. The 1TBs are Samsungs that do have better performance and efficiency ratings, but only marginally so I believe.

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Come on V is not a gaming machine! Why people like you think this tablet will run smoothly all games. V is a machine for people always on the go. For me V will be a perfect combo in my bagpack with my oneplus 3T. I have my desktop for gaming, My V and smartphone on the go.


Yes, you’re right, but there will always be those that will game on the go at 640x480, and there’s nothing we can do about it except give them more SSD when they pay up :stuck_out_tongue:

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SSD size affects the lifespan also, not only the volume. In general, the more empty space you have, the longer your SSD will last.

Yes same here. But with a Google pixel instead of the oneplus T3.

Dishonered was just an example. I can’t understand either why people wanna play games on a tablet.

Everyone who wanna play games shouldn’t buy a tablet. Neither the V nor the surface or any other.

They should go for a laptop or desktop PC with dgpu

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Some people only want/need one computer, and the V may be perfect. Somebody may also not be all that serious about gaming, and are perfectly fine with medium/low settings or just playing old or indi games. There’s no need for a dGPU for these people; and for those that want to use the V but have higher graphics settings, there’s the eGPU (though, for those buying the V and an eGPU, your statement still stands).

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Yes you are right with the old and indie games. I think I am going to play monkey Island.

But most games are mentioned Here in the Community were games like overwatch and skyrim. And for those the V is not the right choice. In my opinion.

Skyrim? I’m pretty sure the V can run Skyrim. Maybe not with a bunch of mods, but stock Skyrim should work fine.

Other very popular games like Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, DOTA, LoL, and WoW should also run fine on the V. Not necessarily on max graphics or at the native resolution, but they’re not very demanding games either.

A real laptop/desktop with more power under the hood would definitely be better for these games, but I still play games on my laptop when I’m away from my desktop (usually on min graphics, which I don’t mind much).

Also, I think one reason games are being discussed so much is because it’s a good, tangible benchmark for performance of the processor and iGPU.


I guess in real world scenario SD Card is even only half that fast if you copy more than 50MB at once. At least that’s my experience, even with Class 10 III Cards…

Actually these [put your preferred diminishing word here] peoples are pushing the technology. If all the world would be like me or you, those who think about proper usage of tools we buy. World would be dull and tech would not become thinner and better every year. So, let them do their thing. Anyway we will benefit from that.

I even try to play some demanding games on my laptop on the go, like in a transport. Though just for 20 minutes, because my battery is battered a bit :grin: But since, I’m going to get V, if Hong Kong will finally process them, I will leave it as it is, just sitting at home on my desk as a desktop PC.

I haven’t seen this argument so here goes.
I am a creator. I need space, lots of it. While I work mostly on websites, which aren’t that big. The design files can be. I also shoot and edit video’s, which I would need a lot of space for. Not to mention 3D objects and modeling.

I have all my work files backed up via a cloud service. However, I need constant access to them. Downloading 40-50GB to start working on something is not an effective workflow. Using them on external devices increases my risk of me losing files, or even get stolen by competitors (unlikely but still). It’s easier to grab an USB stick then to hack my computer.

I can’t live with 128 GB of space on my SSD. 256 GB would be cutting it real close. 512GB is working, for now. But file sizes are only going to increase.

So yes, creators also need large storage.