Why are DOA topics being removed?

I’ve seen and participated in a couple of DOA topics for Eve which quickly disappear from the forum, and have heard multiple reports across the community of customers who try to post about their faulty monitors and have their comment or topic removed.

What’s going on? Is Eve trying to hide the fact that some monitors are arriving faulty? Is it because in some cases customers are waiting weeks for support and Eve don’t want people to see that?

Faulty monitors happen throughout the entire industry. It’s fine if it happens. Just do a good job supporting it and let customers see that the company takes it seriously.

If there is censoring of the community that is the absolute worst way to handle it and will feed the negative narrative Eve has surrounding those kind of practices. Please don’t.


If you are in need of support, we recommend contacting our support team through the contact form on our website. They will be able to look into the situation and provide a fitting solution.

This applies to all issues regarding:

  • Defects, damage, warranty and repair
  • Orders, billing, shipping and delivery
  • Status updates on existing support tickets

There are some exceptions where leveraging the combined experience of the community is the right way to get an answer. Examples of valid topics for discussion include Windows or other OS issues, as well as third-party software and accessories.

Based on our community guidelines we ask that you keep support cases within the support team. The community team can’t assist you with this issue, and only the support team will be able to resolve this for you. In some cases, we might believe that the community can provide assistance on a topic, for example, when dealing with software or third-party device compatibility settings, but this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Commentary from a services supplier (of strobe tuning):

Personally, I’d prefer it if these topics stayed around — with reasonable etiquette management. The DOA rate of Spectrums seems reasonably low(ish) as industry average can be as high as 3% to 5% — it’s a fact of life.

How a company handles DOA can amplify/attenuate it by a small bit, or by a lot. The Streisand Effect, as you know, is very powerful, especially for a small company. The exact average-DOA industry wide for current numbers need to be pulled from accurate sources, and should be strived to get-better-than where possible.

There should already be a reserve budget for quick warranty replacements, and perhaps a good relationship with the insurance company as well as a remanufacturing plan for future sales of refurbs — All manufacturers do this (to produce clearly advertised B-stock / refurb output at a discount, e.g. refurb’d iPhones, refurbed TVs, etc).

Reducing losses from DOA product is done in a remanufacturing plan. This may entail hiring a known trusted refurbing outfit, for parts-swapping between multiple returned DOA spectrums — to reduce the losses of an industry standard DOA percentage rate of all manufacturers of the whole industry. (metrics should be put on a scoreboard at headquarters and make sure it hovers within the industry standard % from normal shipping and manufacturing issues)

Occasionally some DOA monitors go alive simply because users couldn’t find the power buttons — or a loose power connector — while DOA is shipping company fault (broken screens, loose parts, monitor simply won’t turn on).

There are times where frustrated users may output NSFW language, and it falls under other forum rules, but surgical moderating can also be done there as other companies already do with their support forums — those four letter words are often deleted from those big name forums too.

Perhaps some basic refactoring of diplomatic warranty/DOA handling is in order — since reputable warranty infrastructure will be important to build for Spectrum’s as per in line with the rest of industry.

Publicly showing that DOA cases are solved can make a big difference to the reputation of a display manufacturer. Financing the cost of a 5% DOA (parts and shipping) is expensive but the reserve should be built into the MSRP. The more mature monitor manufacturing (including warranty service) becomes, the more sales.

(Go ahead and move this topic away from the “tweakers discussion area” — that’s acceptable forum operator’s etiquette — happy users aren’t interested in the warranty forum — and frustrated users want to focus on solving their problem first. Also on many manufacturer sites, those support forum threads aren’t visible on the cover page (used for promoting interesting threads to happy users), requiring users to explicitly enter the forum topic area to see these specific threads. So a balancing of visibility-vs-publicity considerations.

I imagine the mods have the priveleges to move these threads to the support/warranty forum, if need be — as a less-angering compromise for users who accidentally post threads in the wrong forum, e.g. the one where the happy users want to just buzz about strobe features, VRR, etc

— like me answering strobe questions. Better signal and focus, less noise that is clearly compartmentalized, etc.


I 100% agree with the post above.


It’s very poor form to remove anything that can be perceived as criticism and could easily be seen as overreaching censorship to hide the defects of a product, personally I think it’s extremely poor judgement for any company to engage in such behaviour.

If a user does have problems with their hardware and they can’t get the appropriate help here, then direct them to where they can instead of shutting down any conversation and visibility of the issue. Products break or arrive broken, it happens for all companies and it sucks, but silencing the users will only help enforce the notion that the company wants to hide specific issues.


While I can understand Eve’s position here, it’s very one-sided and completely fails to understand how removing those posts will be received by the community.

For the community, the actual cause of the DOA problem wasn’t the useful part. We obviously can’t fix these issues. The really important part for us is feedback on the user experience of the replacement process. In particular, we want to know if Eve support are being responsive to any issues, reported what the communication is like, and how quickly replacements are being sent out.

So far, the DOA process has not gone smoothly. Feedback has not been positive, because of issues contacting the support team and long delays around having the replacement sent out. I don’t recall ever seeing if anyone with a DOA screen has received their replacement yet.

The problem with removing these posts is that it looks like you’re trying to silence the negative feedback. It may not be your intention to silence this feedback, but that’s the way it looks to people who don’t know your intention. And, as @BlurBusters mentioned, that will just result in the Streisand Effect taking place. News of Eve “suppressing negative feedback” will spread like wildfire, and that’s the last thing that you need right now (especially as you try to get out of the shadow of the Fortress issues).

I’ve been very vocal in the past about how Eve needs to put itself in its customers’ shoes when framing communication. The removal of posts is itself a form of communication and basically says “we don’t want you talking about this”. If you’d looked at these removals from the perspective of a customer, it wouldn’t take much to understand how the removals could be seen as a massive problem.


Now we are at the point I talked about in my „why shipping discussions should stay here“ post.
The really big problem about „shadow banning“ these threads is: It looks like you have something to hide.

Currently the first post on the Reddit eveV topic, which is on the first side if you google for spectrum, is: „my support experience so far […]“ and the FIRST sentence is: „ Edit: This post was deleted on the Eve forums, so here it is here.“
If this isn’t a red flag for new customers, I don’t know what it would be.

Eve has to understand:
If you remove such posts here, which you can do of course, it’s your forum, they’ll be posted on other media with a way bigger audience. This post would have some views in this forum because it’s not that big, but being on Reddit, welp, that’ll be seen by a lot more people.

As the People pointed out:
Make a new category, hide it from Google search, don’t display it one the first side and everything would be fine.

Maybe you should talk about that in your team.
Have a nice day :wave:


I think the difference to appreciate is the one between a support issue and an experience report.

Eve is right to direct questions to their support team as opposed to forum moderators. This is good practice as it makes the process more efficient and ensures that the person who is supposed to handle an issue will in fact be the one handling it.

But experience reports are not support issues. Writing about the state of one’s received product (good or bad), or even about the outcome of one’s customer support interaction, is not a support issue. It’s mere transparency and information exchange.

This is where I would draw the line - redirect requests for support, but keep experience reports around. As others were saying above, Eve needs to find a way to come to terms with faulty deliveries, and even if support can fix the issue it is still valuable information for future customers what issues are being encountered and how they are being fixed. Recognizing these issues and being transparent about what’s being done to improve things for customers is way more promising for Eve’s reputation in the long run than trying to pretend they don’t exist or aren’t worth being covered.


Or if one were to phrase things in a more judgmental way, the only company with an incentive to hide experience reports is the one not planning to improve the customer experience. I believe Eve is still trying to make things better on many fronts, which is why I believe that more transparency would be beneficial for Eve itself, not just the people on this forum.


Occasionally some DOA monitors go alive simply because users couldn’t find the power buttons — or a loose power connector

This point hits close to home, since when I first got mine, I didn’t realize it had a separate power button, and I kept trying to press the 4 way stick to turn it on. I probably re-plugged in all the connections 5 times each and hit the joystick 100+ times, thinking I had a DOA unit - before I finally found the actual power button.

I’d bet this isn’t that uncommon either, and I could see the community replying to DOA posts with something to this effect to help weed out the real DOA from the “user error” DOA requests before they even hit support.

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Non Eve staff are literally doing their job for them, guiding them towards better communication and community management, I just hope they take note.


What a hilarious argument is that?

The ones with DOA should be able to contact the support team AND ALSO the community!

I, as a potential customer, would like to know if you guys have „systematic“ issues with some Panels… No need to cover that up, especially not in Eve‘s case, the companies reputation is at -100…


This is exactly what I was about to post. Contacting support and posting an experience on the forum shouldnt be mutually exclusive options.

In regards to my rejected experience post, I sent the exact same text to support and never received a follow up beyond the first canned response. I wound up finding work arounds on my own or by reading suggestions posted by other users on the forum. Proof positive that forum posts do in fact work, in some cases better than support does.


Just so everyone is aware, Eve’s brilliant solution to this was to start merging DOA topics into the Dedicated Shipping Topic (which has been renamed).


Not only does that confuse the discussion for the people who are STILL waiting for shipping info, it buries the DOA experience posts amongst the currently 800+ shipping posts.

Eve desperately needs a customer experience overhaul.


For those interested in these cases: We will allow anything Spectrum related in our discussion topic. If anyone would like to document their own case feel free to do so here.