Who wants Max Q

Does anyone want the next laptop to use Max Q and what gpu would you want it to use

  • 1080 in 15 inch form factor
  • 1070 in 15 inch form factor
  • 1060 in 13.3 or 14 inch form factor
  • 1050 ti 13.3 inch form factor
  • 1050 in 12.5

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Oh and sorry please just say ur not interested in max q in comments I forgot to put that on poll:wink:

Think we need to decide whether the next product has a GPU before deciding on a specific technology or version of it!
Anyway, I don’t want Max Q or any other GPU in my tablet.


Is it possible that it would not be a tablet?

Yes, you are right, it could be an ultra thin laptop instead. But that is an even more important question to answer before we think about whether Max Q is the the right tech.


k fair enough this poll is obviously nothing final just trying to see what form factor and power that people want.

What is a laptop? Who is max Q? Where is GPU? How much is 1080?

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I vote for none. No way I would want to get 1070 performance and pay extra premium because it’s named as a 1080.


Exactly. I would also vote “nope don’t need it or don’t want it”

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Don’t need it, don’t want it. At least from current perspective I don’t see a benefit for my use cases (but that of course might change over time).

i am curious why dont you want it do you just not want a gpu or just would rather a lower powered card in the form factor for a price drop

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Should have given more detail, I agree :slight_smile:

I might end up not buying an eGPU at all, assuming that the graphics will already be better than in my current laptop. For gaming I transitioned to consoles for now, and so far don’t intend to switch back (due to lack of time mainly).
For work I do not have any graphics intense tasks, but rather light developments which should be great with a 2-in-1 (compared to a laptop) as I can better integrate the customer in 1:1 discussions.

cool makes sense for me i would use it because i play games at my house do 3d modelling and some editing of photo and video

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You forgot to add more options… I want 1050, maybe Ti, in 15" body. Higher end graphics cards are overkill IMO, especially for a laptop. If you want 1080, you’ll also need top of the line Intel Core i7 and a huge battery, making the laptop extremely bulky. But I still want a big screen.

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sorry will add that next time and that seems like a great idea I would want a 1050 ti in 15.6 because the laptop can be super thin and have a huge battery

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The GPU would probably be capped by the “m-series” cpu and would drain the battery. It’s not really practical but it would still be nice to see a 1060 in the v.