Who is going to get it

I am interested in seeing how many of you guy will buy the v so poll

  • EVE V
  • Other laptop
  • Not buying laptop any time soon

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What should I choose if I already ordered and payed?
Should I choose 1 and 3 or 3 only?


Well, I am definitely building a desktop September/October, after the 8th gen intel i7 release (and then decide to get the R5 1600 or the i7 six core that will be coming in the 8th gen, or starting of with an i3 or i5 and than wait until thunderbolt comes standard with the CPU). But that is no option in the poll. Same for tablet, since I am struggling to decide between an ipad pro and the Eve V or try to survive another year with my surface pro 3 (with broken screen and malfunctioning touchscreen) and than hopefully having an ipad pro with USB C or have competition to the Eve V which has thunderbolt and can have a U-series CPU without thermal throttling (so better performance than the Eve V). So maybe the option ‘other tablet’ would also fit this poll. Certainly since Eve V is a hybrid between tablet and laptop.

IMO, Thunderbolt makes no sense for a desktop. It’s not like you’re gonna use an eGPU with it or anything… It already has over 20 PCIe lanes available on the motherboard, so no need for external 4 lanes. As for pure transfer speed, I don’t really imagine a situation where you would need that. USB 3.1 is already almost twice as fast as the latest SATA, so it outperforms most SSDs anyway.

I do not agree - what about backup options … Fast transfer to external drives that cou be later stored in separate place.

Well, it depends on your desk layout ofcourse, but for me the desktop would be located out of reach (build in desk, so have to find another spot that doesn’t restrict ambient airflow as much), so having to get up to plug in my smartphone, or my camera, or having to use USB cable extension cords to be able to still use my smartphone when it is plugged in… That is a bit more than just a minor inconvenience. And the other way is to use those extension cords and try to make a dock on my desk. But having to bundle 5-6 cords (I at least need 4 USB ports, than the audio is also convenient to have close) and than try to get that to my desk… Well, thunderbolt would make that much easier. With 1 thunderbolt cable I can replace 3 usb cables at USB 3.1 gen 2 protocol, and can provide me with audio and I can even use it to hook my monitor on without having to use those 4m HDMI cables to get to my pc. 1 cable instead of 5-6 cables is a huge improvement. But ofcourse, this is a very uncommon situation.

Ever heard of USB hub? :smile: And I really don’t care how many cables there are behind my desk. I don’t actually see them, they’re behind my desk. Am I weird or something?

Here is my answer:

This also includes external SSDs.

Oh I know USB hub, so connect everything through 1 USB port so that you get bottlenecked by the port. Transferring my video footage from my camera, and having my smartphone sync with the pc, and having my external HDD drive connected or my external SSD that I use for fast transferring a bunch of files between my devices, that will require more bandwidth than 1 USB 3.0, a USB 3.1 gen 2 can suffice but than I should probably not think about using much more devices (an Eve V or iPad pro as drawing tablet, or a USB amp with speakers since the speakers from my monitor give low quality sound, and who knows what useful devices there could be in the future that I could want to use). Also, mouse and keyboard do also require to be connected on a place easily reachable from the desk, so that I can easily use them for other devices, but those don’t require much bandwidth. Thunderbolt would be much more future proof in that aspect, can even handle video signal, USB 3.1 USB C can do that too if they implemented it that way, but they don’t all do that, than my desktop doesn’t require a dedicated HDMI cable but than I could use the current HDMI cable from my monitor, and that can than be used to attach other devices to it when needed (since the cable would be easily reachable to take from the io dock on my desk). From USB C 3.1 with video throughput, it is just a small step up to thunderbolt, one that I would like to take to have something more future proof. It is like the difference between SATA 3 ssd and NVME ssd, sata 3 ssd is sufficient for today, but NVME is more future proof.

The real question is how often you use ALL of those devices at the same time… You probably don’t sync multiple hard drives, phones and tablets at the same time, that would be too much work to handle lol… Oh, and SATA3 will be enough for normal users for at least the next 5 years, I’m sure of that. Same about USB 3.1

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No I don’t sync multiple hard drives, that is why I put an or in between. But I do sync my smartphone and my camera and my backup HDD at the same time, the camera for the video footage, the smartphone doubles as a lav-mic so the sound of it and the HDD is used to backup the video footage and the sound. That is what I see as a baseline/minimum requirement to be able to continue doing. And when having 5h of video footage to move to the pc, the speed does have the influence between just waiting for it to finish and start video editing, and having to wait for so long I am better of to go do something else while the files get transferred. I prefer to get to video editing as fast as I can. But yea, not that necessary. And I would like to in the future include drawn text in the video (kind of like the channel pask makes) and for that connecting a 2-in-1 or a ipad pro would be handy (certainly with those apps that make it possible to use those devices as a drawing tablet like a wacom thing). But I don’t include that in the baseline since that would mostly be used while video editing so not really together with the other devices.

And ofcourse Sata 3 will be enough for the next 5 years, but I think my build would preferable survive longer than that. But ofcourse I would only buy a NVME ssd when there is the money to spend for it without sacrificing on something else.

Your camera doesn’t have a PCIe SSD, does it? :slight_smile: Show me an SD card that reaches at least 5Gbps and I’ll surrender. But now, I don’t believe you can ever run out of bandwidth on USB 3.1…

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Well indeed it doesn’t have a PCIe SSD, but it still uses data bandwidth. Not a full USB 3.0 data rate, but for me it is about adding all those things up. Many small things make a big thing, and than 1 USB 3.1 connection can easily get saturated. Maybe not today, but I plan this thing to survive for longer than just today, so having something future proof is better than having something that will suffice for current tech. If thunderbolt where such a unnecessary gimmick, than why would it be such a strong selling point for the Eve V and many other computers? Well, ofcourse the eGPU thing but I consider that as something that only a few would use, since the high price of an eGPU gets you close to a desktop build with the same performance (certainly with ryzen 3 now), so it has to have something more than only eGPU to be worth it in non-enthousiast devices.

Please do some exact calculations… I bet you’re not even using half of USB 3.1 bandwidth, I don’t see why you want 8 times more than what you’re using…