Who handles the Eve PR?

Hi @Community_Team …whom among you has the responsibility for Eve’s PR?

I just came across this post on Engadget and it does not paint the company in a positive light.

As a long time community member and supporter, I think this does serious damage to the reputation by unfairly representing the historical situation and downplaying the current reality and progress made.

Engadget is a widely read tech blog so Eve’s PR team (and possibly legal) should get on top of this situation before it causes serious damage, especially with the current round of product marketing and sales that could be impacted by such reports.


I also read the article earlier. A lot of research, and information as been provided by members of the unofficial Eve Sub Reddit.

I would agree with this statement.


It would seem that the Reddit trolls have really got it in for Eve. I don’t get how Engadget has allied itself with users of the Internet’s biggest known cesspool… I really am surprised.

Anyway, the important point is that damage control is needed, this is a PR disaster in the making.

Take a look at the comments below the video:


Hey @hatter,

Thank you for pinging us about this! I’m leading the marketing efforts at Eve and can quickly comment on the issue. Currently, the PR responsibility is shared internally but we did involve more team members for this specific coverage. I can reassure you that we’ve done all we could to soften the blow. The journalist gave us a fair chance to comment and to share our part of the story. That being said, we knew that the article is coming up and (mentally) prepared for it. I do understand your point completely - this is not a piece of coverage that we normally would want to have but we’re also not in the position to stop it from going live. Our whole team hopes to resolve this issue once and for all (and soon), so we can focus on building cool products together :slight_smile:


Like @Chili_P said there is not much Eve can do about this. They have the comments in the article explaining their position, but a small group of people seem to have made it their mission to hurt Eve. I think the only way forward is for Eve to release new products and do a good job about it. These delays due to COVID as well as technical problems have hurt this effort since the lack of products being released has given these people an opportunity to amplify their grievances without anything positive to push back with. The best way to dispute these claims is with actions and not words.

In the end I think it is not unreasonable for people to be warry of Eve with their past history and it will take good future actions to alleviate these worries.


I am happy to hear that this is being looked at. The Eve project has come too far and is too close to success to see damage from such bad press… especially where the sources seem to be questionable but have managed to sway public opinion in a rather unfair manner.

As a veteran startup founder myself, I know how hard it is to build something from scratch and how easily a single negative press release can bring it all down.

I am sure I speak for many other Community members when I say I have been here, I have seen the way things are done and the level of transparency that your team has tried to maintain and those efforts have not gone unnoticed.

You have our support and we have your back!

Let’s all continue to work towards great successful product development and deployments.


That’s a funny way of describing customers who paid money for devices that they did not receive, did not receive refunds, or have defective devices that they cannot get warranty coverage for.

This piece is on point, and frankly as @Chili_P said the only thing that’ll get Eve past this is if they honour all past commitments.


I am extremely happy to hear this! I do hope all this negativity can be rectified ASAP; with as little drama as possible.

After all this, we can all focus on developing awesome crowd developed products for us all! Our input is the key to help create successful products!


I hope that once the Spectrum monitors have been shipped, tech reviewers like LTT can give it another chance and see if Eve has redeemed themselves. I can’t wait to receive mine!


100% this right here.

Asking for your refundable preorder money in a reasonable time, even when done through the proper channels is not a narrative. There are legitimately upset people that HAVE gone through the proper channels and not gotten action, and come onto these forums and get criticized for not going through a “proper channel” that isn’t working.


I agree, but it is also the truth.


This attitude is a lot better then a certain tech outlet that churned out DMCAs after one of it’s videos faced critique and it makes me hopeful that one day I recevie compensation.


Sorry my reply came off different then I intended. Changed it.


The reason that the EveV Reddit has an audience and primarily negative slant is that it’s the only outlet for users who have no other public place for voicing their frustrations. The part that Eve needs to get right is accountability, and accountability depends on transparency first and foremost. As long as this forum provides no place for people to publicly ask for visibility into their issues, and Eve only provides a private (= unaccountable) channel for resolving such issues, trust issues will persist and the EveV Reddit will continue to run.

The way for Eve to “resolve this issue once and for all (and soon)” is to provide a public, uncensored place for those customers who wish to take their support request public. And actively participate in it. And allow the world to judge Eve by their performance in this public space.


I’ve had a post deleted for asking if there were any official channels to obtain support other than the contact form on the website or responding to the open ticket I had. Not asking for support but just for a way to get support. This was in the middle of a 173 day failure by anyone from Eve to respond to my open ticket.
If I can’t even ask questions here like that, it’s no wonder people will go to a forum that’s not Eve employee moderated to try to get information, or be happy to talk openly about their negative experiences to Engadget. This article isn’t a PR disaster because it ‘unfairly represents the historical situation’ but because it fairly represents the historical and present day situation for those who have been left out of pocket and who cannot get any response from Eve.
If Eve want to get ahead of stories like this, it won’t be by presenting a different narrative but by making those who have been harmed whole.


Yeah that’s a worry. I wonder if @Lore_Wonder knows the reason why?

I never knew people paid the FULL price for the Eve V and never received it, I was working on the assumption that everyone had paid a deposit similar to the Spectrums, not forked out in some cases over $2000 to receive nothing…


Hey @Chris_G_EAP,

Unfortunately this is the case for some people. Eve was in it’s infancy as a crowd development company back then, and the original V was 100% crowd funded. I don’t know if you have read the official announcements, but here are 2 links to the threads regarding issues with FORTRESS:

Link 1
Link 2

I hope this helps clarify things up a little. In my opinion Eve have been doing everything they can, and with Chili_P’s reply to this thread it would indicate that these issues will start be properly rectified soon:

Eve have gone through a major business restructure, and although there have been delays for the release of the Spectrum; I do not think things will go horrifically wrong like they did with the release of the original V.

Posts of this nature usually get deleted, because they are often posted in topics unrelated, go against community guidelines, or causes chaos/disruptive posts on the community. Leading to major off-topic posts. For an example: Instead of discussions about the development of the Spectrum: Many disgruntled customers start talking about unresolved issues; which are not relevant to most threads they are posted in.
In your situation I think your post should have been moved, and you being informed vier a message: That Eve’s official support is the only way you would be able to get support in-regards to your issue, and apologies for the delay etc.
There are often posts relating to support issues; where frustration as taken over, and these people are doing anything they can for a response. Which is why often it can seem of a trolling nature. Support issues are just that; Issues that should be dealt with through Eve’s official support. Not through a thread let’s say: An announcement about balance payments for the Spectrum. This is also why often they get deleted; which just causes more frustrations for these people.
I know sometimes the online support form bugs out, and sending a query directly by emailing support@evedevices.zendesk.com directly is an option to ensure your support query as gone through.

In my experience: The longest I’ve had to wait for a reply from support is 1 week.


Well, at one week you did 23 weeks better than me. We’ll have to disagree about the merits of removing my post - it was non-provocative and could have been easily answered.
I’ve logged three tickets with Eve. One a simple query about options or future plans to allow setting the serial number in the EFI - responded to quickly. A second about my hardware failure - totally ignored for almost half a year. And a third wondering why nobody would update my second ticket - never responded to at all. When, after all that, I posted in the forums here looking for alternative contacts it was removed, and I was told that I should submit another ticket.
Perhaps you can advise if any of your tickets have related to warranty repair or refunds?


Unfortunately, while Eve can avoid such information being stated in this forum by controlling what is posted, they can’t stop it being reported elsewhere, and that’s one of the more accurate representations of the situation that I’ve seen.

One of the misconceptions that I’ve often read was that it was a crowdfunding exercise that went wrong. While the crowdfunded V was delayed (crowdfunding in Nov 2016, estimated shipping April 2017, shipping started Dec 2017), I think the majority of those received their Vs. The real problem was the sales from Eve’s website that were held afterwards.

The first flash sale was in Dec 2017 shipping in a few months. Prices were from $800/€800 (m3 128GB) up to $2000/€2000 (for the i7 1TB model) and customers had to make full payments on order. Delivery dates for these sales kept slipping month after month - Eve had a huge backlog of all the crowdfunded shipments which they were still struggling to fulfill. Even though they hadn’t even started delivering to the flash sale customers, they continued to advertise them on their website throughout 2018 with delivery dates only a couple of months away.

In June 2018. Eve promised full refunds for people who didn’t want to wait anymore. Just like deliveries of Vs, the actual refunds were similarly delayed month after month. And while many of those that continued to wait for their Vs did start receiving them late 2018/early 2019, the refunds never materialized. Support and warranty replacements, which had generally been working well up to this point, also dried up in the middle of 2018. In addition, in early 2019, Eve started selling Vs at significantly lower prices than the 2017/2018 prices, promising immediate shipping.

Then in July 2019, in the link posted above, Eve revealed that the 2016-18 sales, delivery and repairs were through Fortress which they were separating from and therefore Eve were no longer the point of contact relating to those original orders.

I think we’re all hoping that this is all in the past and that Eve have learnt from their mistakes so that new customers do not suffer the same way. It’s also excellent that Eve are still committing to making it right for past customers that were left with nothing. As soon as they do that, everyone can move forward in a much more positive way.


at this point, I don’t think there will be new customers.

I’ve been using the EVE V for 2 years now.
The fact that I cant get mine repaired, I’ve become a walking negative review, because I still use this deteriorating Eve V with a cracked screen and a non-functioning keyboard.

I’m just waiting until it dies. then I’ll have a doorstopper