Who are your favorite innovative companies?

Eve is an amazingly innovative company. It’s a standout of a growing number of companies in the tech space who are based online and are shaking up there respective markets with low prices and innovative products. Many of them are small businesses with cool stories (though I think Eve’s might be the best :smiley:)

So I want to know, what innovative, industry changing companies do you love? I’ve had really great experiences with two; Republic Wireless (they have grown fairly large but started pretty small), and Status Audio

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For me its DMM a sports brand company.

Eve all the way.:grin:

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SpaceX with Hyperloop.

I think that all the projects from SpaceX are innovative.

Local Motors, where the community has real engineering input to the project.


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For me Eve isn’t a innovative company (in the sense that makes completely new products), or at least till this moment. In my opinion, it’s a category disruptor and that can and will set the benchmark with each product that it makes with the community. It can’t, at least at present time, devote the necessary resources for R&D and make really innovative projects and ideas come true. Eve is awesome though, no doubt about that!

On the other side, Musk is a remarkable case of striving to push boundaries (I know he’s not a company :stuck_out_tongue: he’s many :wink:). He might not be the first to do some of things but he certainly is a driving force behind accelerating the electric car industry, for example. I’m amazed how he can manage to be in so many projects at the same time. It would be awesome to spend a week with him and see how he manages through everything (no pun intended!).


True, Eve’s product is not necessarily terribly innovative (I do not mean that it’s a bad product, rather it takes existing innovative technologies and implements them in fantastic manner that bigger companies should have already done by now).

That being said you can’t debate that their development process is crazy awesome innovative :grin:

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For me it’s not only that but the company in itself is unique: development process, way of doing business, approach to customer service etc are all great contributors to making Eve stand out :slight_smile:

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